Dress Shirts That Fit!

One of the biggest challenges dapperQ’s face is finding shirts that fit our bodies- from the neckline to the chest to the waist- and that challenge can be a real deal breaker when it comes to styling.  Learn more about how to measure yourself for a shirt from Lauren here:

Here’s some additional information from Alaina:

Friendly sales rep Clifford raises a knowing eyebrow and smiles when I tell him the subject of this blog. Macy’s (Herald Square, New York, NY. According to Clifford, Macy’s carries plenty of 14 ½ s, but no 14s. “Michael Kors, Geoffrey Beene, and DKNY…the high end brands,” Clifford smirks. Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss too, but his department doesn’t carry them any more.

And what about us ample-hipped and voluptuously-breasted DapperQs? He recommends Tommy, Polo, and Nautica, all of which offer “full” or “classic” lines with generously cut torsos.

And once you get that puppy home, Alaina offers some ways to consider tailoring it in this DapperQ exclusive!

Susan Herr

As a teacher, nonprofit executive, and entrepreneur, Susan is passionately committed to advancing ideas that matter. She founded dapperQ in 2009 on the hunch that fashion could build solidarity in the GLBTQ community and positive visibility for her peers in the broader media landscape. For her work with dapperQ, Susan has been quoted and featured in media outlets that include the Washington Post, Huffington Post, Daily Beast, Curve, and Diva. She was also named to Go Magazine’s 100 Women We Love. She pays the bills as managing director for Trigger Creative, a film production company based in Brooklyn where she lives with her wife Shannon.

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