Seven Days of Dapper: Allex Knight

You know it. You love it. It’s Seven Days of Dapper! For this edition, we’re showcasing one of the most popular models we’ve featured on the site: Allex Knight from our Queer Ivy He Said/We Said feature. Here’s her stats:
Allex Knight is a sophisticated scholar and graduate of Syracuse University, where she studied TV, Radio and Film production. She is currently a Post Production Assistant with MTV and CBS. Allex is very adamant about becoming the change she wants to see in the world and is determined to fight for the equality and tolerance of all individuals through her visibility. She hopes to pursue modeling as a career. Her dream is to be signed as a female male model with an agency.
Allex’s personal style has been described as sophisticated, vibrant, retro, and grungy-chic. She draws inspiration from the European runways and popular androgynous fashions. Allex shops around for most looks from Daffy’s to TopMan (her favorite store). Most outfits are a successful mix and match, usually thrown together in minutes.

Workout BOI. (Look Good to Feel Good)

Sometimes, I wake up and I don’t feel my best; but once I’ve finished working out, I feel absolutely amazing and I’m ready to tackle the battles of the day. I try my best to work out daily for 2-3 hours, including a mix of cardio and weights. Minimal clothing is required for this activity, but just make sure you don’t match unless you’re wearing a dark solid color. Working out also has many other amazing benefits other than just for aesthetic purposes. It increases your energy levels and focus so you can conquer all that lies ahead for the day.

Outfit details: Nike Bra $40 (Nike RUN store), Adidas Track Pants $60 (Adidas Store), Guess Watch $305, Vibram Shoes $80 (Eastern Mountain Sports).

Date a BOI. (A Date with the KNIGHT) 

When I date, I usually try to impress my lady with my originality and eclectic sense of style. I try to keep it comfy but sophisticated while at the same time showcasing an outfit that just screams who I am. This outfit is the perfect blend of masculine femininity.

Outfit details: Jean Shirt $60 (TopMan). Silk Pants $75 (ZARA MAN), Guess Watch $305, Loafers $60 (ZARA MAN).

Business BOI. (Conservative KNIGHT)

This look showcases my business meeting attire. Since a little girl, I was envious of men’s suits, and, now that I am able to purchase/wear them, I truly enjoy my heightened sense of masculinity, which exudes from being adorned in such threads. I would consider myself a conservative bad-ass. I love the clash of classic clothing, my body and my body art that makes this suit wearing experience so gender queer.

Outfit details: Calvin Klein Suit $150 (Macy’s Men’s Department), Glasses (Urban Outfitters), Shirt $7 (Vintage), Guess Watch $305, Shoes $30 (Strut of NYC), Bag $16 (Vintage Luggage).

Party BOI. (Embrace Your Femininity)

When I’m headed to a party, I always make sure I have on a light weight and comfy outfit. I’m known to dance a lot, so I need to be able to move around as swiftly as possible. In addition, I always make it a point to showcase my masculine femininity. I’m very fond of mixing and matching patterns and prints. This outfit makes me feel awesome and the “comic tank top” is in fact a dress! I love that I can shop in the entirety of the store while creating my gender queer looks.

Outfit details. Comic Tank Top/Dress (Forever 21), Cross Tights (Forever 21), Guess Watch $305, Shoes $30 (Strut of NYC).

BOI. Does Laundry (KNIGHT-ly Duties)

You never know who you’ll bump into in NYC, so always be sure to look good no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing. I always make sure to dress light, fashionable and comfy. While washing, I make sure to read all clothing labels to see if necessary washing conditions apply in an attempt to avoid damages to my nice threads. I always thought it made more sense to wash all clothes together because 1) it took less time and 2) it was cheaper. Well, that was until college, when I discovered my favorite white collared shirt didn’t remain white or the same size when washed with colored clothing. Boi, was I devastated; but from that point forward I’ve learned the art and I am thankful because my clothes always look brand new.

Outfit details: Red Beanie (KnightGear Exclusive), Tank Top $10 (H&M), Pants (Authentic Army Pants), Socks $26 (Urban Outfitters), Guess Watch $305, Shoes $75 (Vans Special Collection).


BOI. with Tats (Ink Therapy)

Like most people, I’ve endured many adversities in my life. I choose to release my pain through imprinting different pieces of art into my skin. I now have so many tattoos that I’ve stopped counting. Some might call it an addiction, but I call it therapy. I swear my tat artists know me so well. I make it a point to visit the tat shop at least 1-2 times monthly. I absolutely love my tattoos!

[Location courtesy of INKTASTIC 118 Ralph Ave. Pictured: Ill Seuss (tat artist)]

Outfit details: Black Beanie (KnightGear Exclusive), Olivia Anthony Tank Top (Instagram: @OliviaAnthony_), Guess Watch $305, Floral Pants $20 (Forever 21 Women’s Department), Shoes $40 (Vans Original with a Knight Twist).

BOI. at KNIGHT (Masculine Femininity) 

It’s getting chilly outside, so make sure you bundle up with style. I’ve paired a sleek and form-fitting brown leather jacket with a nice, big and snugly infinity scarf. These two items are a quick fix to help excite a simple outfit while out and about. Plus, you’ll feel great, look fashionable, sophisticated, and be able to stay warm while not being so bulky.

Outfit details: Glasses $1 (Dollar Tree), Infinity Scarf $40 (Urban Outfitters), Jacket $40 (Forever 21), Jeans $65 (TopMan), Shirt $8 (Daffy’s), Shoes $75 (Vans Special Collection), Bag $55 (H&M).


Contact Info:
Facebook: Allex Knight
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @_Bitchboi
Twitter: @BitchBoiA25

PHOTO CREDIT: Shaina Chin is multi-talented Brooklyn-Bedstuy based artist-entrepreneur. Shaina has a passion for painting and designs logos/graphics for numerous advertising companies here in the NYC area. Her creativity and eye for color and depth are what help her to excel so wondrously in the art of photography. Her beautiful work can be viewed on Facebook at “Paint by Shaina Chin.”

Khane Kutzwell Master Barber of Camera Ready Kutz; 1063 Eastern Parkway
Apt. #7 between Utica and Schenectady
They can be reached at:
Text ONLY: 347-349-Kutz (5889) to set up an appointment.
Email: [email protected]

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