Interview: Queer Cuts with Jordan and Divinity of TRUFFLE

Welcome back to dapperQ’s ongoing queer barber and hair stylist interview series: Queer Cuts. This week we’re featuring TRUFFLE. TRUFFLE, originally founded by stylist Jordan Bamrick, is a queer-friendly, Paul Mitchel Focused, Vegan and cruelty-free salon located in the Fashion District of DTLA. TRUFFLE specializes in a variety of color and cuts while striving to make every client feel like family. TRUFFLE is best known for it’s flavorful and creative vibe while offering a multitude of services to ensure all hair needs are met for all types of individuals. Jordan and her salon partner Divinity Ray share strong artistic backgrounds, integrating their passion of art through their hair techniques. We decided to chat more with Jordan and Divinity about their backgrounds, trending cuts, and how they approach clientele different from hetero-normative salon spaces.

Jordan (left) and Divinity (right)

dapperQ: Tell our readers a bit about you.

Jordan (Pronouns: She/Her): I am a Colorado native working in my dream city of LA. Hair has given me the creative outlet to make living art. After doing hair for over 8 years, I have become a specialist in short hair-pixie cuts and blondes / platinums. I truly believe my life purpose is bringing joy to others using my artistic talents – I love making people feel good about themselves and building confidence. My dream was to create a safe space in DTLA where people could become the person they always wanted to be. I want people to know we are here for them.


Divinity (Pronouns: She/Her): A former ballet dancer turned stylist from years of backstage hair, I went to beauty school on a whim and discovered my purpose. I’ve been doing hair for 5 years and my favorite element to this career is never knowing who’s going to sit in your chair or the type of hair they may end up getting. I love helping people discover their truest, wildest selves. I view hair the same way I view life: ever changing. I specialize in long hair, primarily color and balayage.

dapperQ: Queer fashion sites like dapperQ and Qwear are often asked, “What is queer style?” Does it exist? And, if so, what sets queer style apart from other aesthetics? Along the same lines, many of our readers ask us about queer hair styles (e.g. is there such a thing and where are the best places to get one). Do you believe that “queer hair styles” are a discernible aesthetic? If so, what makes them unique?

Jordan and Divinity: Our community has thrived on labels for decades and now labels are now being destroyed. This generation of queer is more eclectic now than it’s ever been. While certain people are striving to embrace gender, hashtag “gender is alive”, “gender full” and wish to celebrate historic masculine and feminine elements, others are fighting to be understood and loved for being non-binary and thriving outside of the box. Our duty as stylists is to maintain gender neutral pricing, NEVER assume anything about our clients and love on every person that steps foot in the door. We don’t do women’s hair, men’s hair or queer hair… We do hair. Simple as that. People are people, humans are beautiful whatever they identify as.

dapperQ: What are some trends you are seeing in queer cuts?

Jordan and Divinity: We believe queer is masculine AND feminine.
Trends we have seen lately:
1) undercuts
2) high and tight fades
3) pops of vivid color or mermaid hair
4) mullets
5) bowl cut
6) shredded baby bangs

dapperQ: How do you understand and approach your clientele different from the ways a “traditional” barbershop/salon does?

Jordan and Divinity: We hang out with our clients. We give everyone the one on one attention they would receive if we were at dinner with them. We get to know them like friends and care to know about their journey’s, transitions and struggles, we’re here to listen.

dapperQ: What are your rates?

Jordan and Divinity:

Short Cut $65
Medium $75+
Long Cut $95

Color varies upon consultation.

For more information and/or appointments visit:
TRUFFLE website
TRUFFLE Instagram
Jordan Instagram
Divinity Instagram

*Photos courtesy Jordan Bamrick

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