dapperQ (n.) A transgressor of men’s fashion. An authentic, courageous genderbender who uses fashion as a means to expressing our ever-evolving capacity to advance change.

dapperQs are the ones who failed to heed society’s warnings to “act like a lady.”   We aren’t interested in femming it up, or fitting traditional molds.  In the voice of dapperQ’s Transgressor-in-Chief, Susan Herr:

For dapperQ’s, fashion is not seen as an end. It is, instead, a means to expressing our ever-evolving capacity to advance change in a world that sorely needs it.   dapperQ is intended not only to inform but to inspire those of us simply dressing to fight the good fight each day.

dapperQ is a visibility project that celebrates the inner and outer beauty of masculine-presenting lesbians, gender-nonconformists and genderqueers, and transmasculine individuals of all colors, shapes, and sizes. dapperQ does have a fashion focus. But, more importantly, it serves as a vehicle to explore fashion as a social construct, providing our readers and writers with a safe space to document and discuss how gender role expectations, particularly with respect to gender identity and expression, shape who we are as individuals and as a community.

dapperQ is an inclusive website; we welcome all of our queer and straight allies to join the conversation.

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