He Said/We Said: Boston Holigay style!

In dapperQ’s nearly 25+ editions of He Said/We Said (HS/WS) we have yet to feature the androgynous and masculine queer fashion represented in Boston. We have covered New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, and even Toronto, but never Boston.

Boston has a dubious reputation of being an unfashionable city. (This is not why we haven’t shot there.) Yet, it is also home to some of the most fashion-forward queer style blogs, such as Qwear and Fit for a Femme. Furthermore, during Boston Fashion Week, the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston hosted VERGE, a queer fashion show that originally debuted at Brooklyn Museum during New York Fashion Week. Over the past few years, the mainstream fashion industry has hailed androgyny as the hottest “trend” (again) and is co-opting other aesthetics along the feminine-masculine spectrum that are mainstays in queer style. So, with Boston’s most fashionable queers setting the tone for the city’s fashion scene, Boston now has claim to be taken seriously as a bourgeoning fashion influencer.

That said, we thought it was high time let Boston dapperQ’s provide us with some holiday and New Year’s Eve style inspiration for our long running HS/WS project. For a quick refresher on the HS/WS series, check out creatress mastermind Anita Dolce Vita‘s plan behind the HS/WS magic:

“The models fashion their very own looks – I give the inspiration, they give the interpretation. They come to the shoot camera ready: hair, make-up, their own clothes, accessories and props. I didn’t want the series to reflect how to recreate menswear from an individual stylist’s point of view. It’s always a wonderful surprise to see what each model came up with and all of the different translations of the same inspiration.”

Learn more about HS/WS on the Huffington Post here.

Photographer Jenn Márquez, along with Anita Dolce Vita, selected the Fendi Fall 2015 menswear collection as inspiration. Here’s what Márquez had to say about the inspiration and overall experience:

“Because inescapably I know what it’s like to be part of a minority group, I always root for the underdog, and look to help anyone who champions for people who lack recognition and resources. After learning what dapperQ was all about, I was instantly drawn to their quest of empowering the queer community, through providing a supporting platform that beckons self-expression, and it’s accentuated with fashion.

Creatively, I love all things dapper, the style parallels my compulsion for having all things neat and tidy. Location, then, played a small role. The backdrop is a blank canvas on purpose, to call attention to what is in front.

Collaborating with all the models was of course great, and more because it’s admirable to meet individuals who are comfortable in their own skin.  That kind of self-empowerment is simply kick-ass!

I selected the Fendi collection because I loved the colors and because they simply have elegant, and beautifully tailored wear.”

For full model bios, outfit descriptions, and additional images, visit our Autostraddle version here.








Group II




Sonny Oram



Renee’ Vallejo



Phuong Ta



LJ Johnson



Olivia Z.





Photographer: Jenn Márquez; On Instagram.
Makeup Artist: *Phiphi Liang. On Instagram.

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