Sprezza Box Donates 3 months of Dapper Accessories to Woman Assaulted for Wearing Tie

SprezzaBox, the top subscription box for dapper masculine gear, donated three months of dapper accessories to Helena Martins, a lesbian who was recently assaulted for wearing a bow-tie.


Martins posted these images on her Facebook page following the attack, commenting, “I don’t think I’ll be rocking a tie in the near future. Today, one street away from my home, I was assaulted by a man who just went berserk at me, trying to pull my tie off. I’ve got a scratched and punched face, a sore neckline by all the tie pulling and a very bruised soul.” As reported in BuzzFeed, “Martins, who has lost her hearing due to Ménière’s disease, lost her cochlear earplant, which she relies on to hear, in the assault.”



The attack inspired the viral campaign #TieforHelena. People have been posting images of themselves wearing ties, using the hashtag in order to give Martins the confidence to wear a tie again. When SprezzaBox learned of the assault, they donated three months of accessories to stand in solidarity with #TieforHelena.





Disi Fei of SprezzaBox stated, “The reason why we created SprezzaBox is because we wanted to give people an easy and effortless way to express themselves. Our subscribers come from all different backgrounds and genders — and we absolutely love that because style should have no boundaries.”

Martins’ provided some supportive words to other dapperQ’s like her:

“I would like everyone to know that people will always judge what you wear. Always. Either that be a short skirt, a reveling top, a vintage trousers or a tie. Please, as long as you feel comfortable and happy with your style, that’s the only thing that matters. Start small: maybe a bow tie, maybe a novelty tie which expresses your work or hobby…There’s a world of ties to discover, find yours and rock that tie like there’s no tomorrow!”

dapperQ encourages our readers to share their dapper swag using #TieforHelena and are excited to see Martins’ SprezzaBox style in the coming months.

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