Men’s Fashion Week Video Recap by “A Dapper Chick” and “She’s A Gent”

New York just wrapped its second ever fashion week dedicated solely to menswear. But, the menswear world just wasn’t ready for the unparalleled dapper style of Sara Geffrard of “A Dapper Chick” and Danielle Cooper of “She’s A Gent,” together known as “DapHer Gents.” Here’s a recap of their experience at Men’s Fashion Week:

So impeccable their style, it caught the attention of the legendary New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham. Check this NYT video at at mark 1:51 where Cunningham compares Sara and Danielle’s style to Chanel!

For more DapHer Gents, follow them on Instagram at @daphergents or on Youtube here.

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