MapperQ – D.C. Shopping Marathon

Our call for MapperQ posts has seen a powerful response. We already have enough D.C. recommendations to map out a shopping marathon. First, Calley got in touch and shared not one, but three great places to shop for dapper suits.

Dapper, darling suits at Dash’s

Upscale menswear shop with super-high quality italian suiting, got a very positive review after one couple found a gorgeous wedding suit there:

Lauren totally rocked her suit. A deep deep chocolate with burgundy and gold stripes, it blew me away. I have never seen a suit like that(you don’t see too many suits in colors other than gray and black).

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Lustre Formalwear

Lustre has sponsored Capital Queer Prom, which hopefully indicates receptivity to alternate suiting arrangements.

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Menswear-womenswear combo at J Crew

A months-long search for a professional-quality 3-piece suit successfully ended here. I may have just gotten lucky with a good salesperson, but he was fantastically helpful and matched me up with a good women’s suit and a men’s extra-small vest in a coordinating gray, and the finished ensemble looks fabulous.

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Transgressor in Chief Susan Herr says that J Crew is generally a great place for DapperQs to shop – let us know if you have some personal experiences to share. Shaneequa also dropped us a line and gave us yet another awesome recommendation for D.C.:

I live in Southern Maryland near the D.C. line. I recently married my long time girlfriend this past March. I was driving down U street (major D.C. neighborhood) and I saw the most amazing suits outside this shop “Why Not Boutique.” I got my wedding suit at a bargain $200.

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To help us build our growing map of dapper hotspots the world over, get in touch with shopping tips for your area.

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