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I recently had the opportunity to visit Chattanooga, TN as part of dapperQ’s TravelQ series. The city has a thriving LGBTQ+ community, including several LGBTQ+ business owners offering everything from vegan cafes to queer fashion. During my trip, I shopped at Love, EROS, a Black and LGBTQ+ owned experience boutique located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga.

The brand offers custom creation experiences, including permanent jewelry, custom hats (western, wide brim and patchy trucker hats) and luxury ear piercings (16+ only). Love, EROS has built a safe space for all to create something they love that’s uniquely them.

I chatted with Kim Thompson, owner and one of the visionaries of the wife duo that created the brand, to get the insider scoop on Love, EROS.

dapperQ: Can you tell me a bit about the history and evolution of Love, EROS? What motivated you to start the brand?

Love, EROS: Love, EROS was born from our love of experiences, experiences Chattanooga didn’t yet have in a way that we wanted to enjoy them. So here we are a year later, solidifying our footing with a recent re-brand, bringing the community and beyond amazing experiences.

dapperQ: What values does your brand embody?

Love, EROS: A safe space to express yourself in a manner that’s uniquely you!

dapperQ: What can clients expect during their design experience?

Love, EROS: Choose your experience: permanent jewelry, custom hat or ear piercings. We‘ll help you decide on design choices and what best fits you by engaging you in light conversation aimed to get to know you a bit better and then we build it out as you enjoy a glass of bubbles.

dapperQ: How would you describe the Love, EROS aesthetic? What inspires your designs?

Love, EROS: Our aesthetic could be described as dark Gucci. Very alluring, sultry yet still inviting, invoking curiosity. Timeless, heirloom.


dapperQ: How would you describe your personal everyday style(s)?

Love, EROS: I’m the epitome of Clean Girl aesthetic, non-fussy attire that blends well with our space.

dapperQ: Has it been a journey defining your own personal style? 

Love, EROS: At 47 years old I’ve definitely gone through quite a few personal styles. Today, I’d say I’ve settled into a very understated, clean, classic with a pop aesthetic. Think Ralph Lauren with a touch of sparkle! There’s no need for us to discuss my Cross Colors days.

dapperQ: Who or what has most influenced your personal style?

Love, EROS: I’m very inspired by fellow sapphic Jenna Lyons! Her aesthetic is my goal! Naomi Campbell, The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Mountbatten Windsor

dapperQ: What is the one article of clothing you cannot live without?

Love, EROS: My red Chanel CoCo Handle original release with ruthenium hardware.

dapperQ: Can you share any upcoming projects, collections, or expansions for your brand?

Love, EROS: In 2024 you can get excited for a charm bar! This experience beautifully accentuates our current experiences and is the perfect addition.

dapperQ: How do you envision the future of your brand, and what can readers expect next from Love, EROS next?

Love, EROS: Our future is so bright and we honestly couldn’t be more excited for it! You’ll see us coming to a few new cities with our permanent jewelry experience in 2024 so stay tuned!

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