Ask dapperQ: Wedding Guest Suit for Butch?

This is our third post in dapperQ’s Wedding Week, where we feature dapper weddings and answer all of your burning wedding questions.
Featured image: L.K. Weiss of Jack Tar 207 wearing a Saint Harridan suit

A reader asks:

“Any thoughts on where to get a suit for a 5ft, size 4/6 butch? I have a wedding and am at a loss.”

This question will be tough to answer for three reasons: (1) I don’t know much about your personal style. Are you more Ellen DeGeneres or Casey Legler? Classic American preppy or modern Euro chic? (2) I don’t know much about the wedding. Is it indoor? Outdoor? Black-tie formal? Country casual? (3) I don’t know your measurements. Not all 5 ft. tall, size 4/6 butches are built alike. Some are curvy. Others are athletic. And still others are beanpole shaped.

I can give you some suggestions about where to look for suits. But, you will most likely have to try quite a few on and get them tailored, or invest in a bespoke suit, because it is rare that anyone (regardless of gender) will find a perfect suit fit right off the rack.


Saint HarridanSaint Harridan suits


Saint Harridan designs ready-to-wear suits with a sleek, masculine cut re-engineered for women and trans* identified individuals.


FourteenFourteen suits


Fourteen is a clothing line of classic suit separates specifically designed for the lesbian, queer, and trans* community.


Duchess HorizontalDuchess suits


Duchess is a queer-friendly clothier that provides bespoke masculine suits for all genders.


Megan and JackMegan Dougherty (left) and Jack Elliot (right, dapperQ He Said/We Said model).


Many of our readers and models, such as trans* identified Jack Elliot pictured above, swear by J-Crew’s Ludlow line of suits.


Amber and Katie Abbott's Wedding via dapperQKatie Abbott in Men’s Wearhouse suit


As with J-Crew’s Ludlow line, our readers often recommend Men’s Wearhouse for suits.


The Butch Clothing Company 2013 Photo ShootButch Clothing Company suits


If you have time to get a Skype consult and bespoke suit from Butch Clothing Company (BCC), we highly recommend that you do. A suit by UK based BCC may take some time and money, but will be a worthy investment.


Concert_ EventTopman suit


Fashion blogger, Sonny Oram (pictured above), of Qwear is modeling Topman’s Black Textured Skinny Suit. Topman is another dapperQ favorite for formal wear.

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