He Said/We Said: SoCal Late Summer Edition

Last March, dapperQ produced our first ever Cali He Said/We Said (HS/WS) in San Fran for Autostraddle. For our 18th edition of HS/WS, we returned to Cali, this time focusing on SoCal style. While the fashion industry has already moved on to fall collections, dapperQ thought August was the perfect time to publish a late summer shoot, because (1) it is still hella hot in some areas and (2) many of our readers who live in cities where it is warm all year (Miami, LA, etc.) feel neglected once we start publishing posts that are wool blazer and snow boot heavy. Photographer Jordan Barclay and Anita Dolce Vita selected the Ami Spring 2015 menswear line as inspiration for various reasons, but mostly because it offered several options for layered ensembles perfect for days, weeks, and months when the weather alternates between hot and cold. For model bios, outfit details, and photographer statement, visit the full post cross-published on Autostraddle here.









Karen Du



Alessia Mordini







Dana Variano-Comisi



Jatearra Ritchie



Mari / Mars



Dani Shay

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