Seven Days of Dapper: Nina Kossoff

We’re back with a brand new Seven Days of Dapper! This week we’re featuring a week’s worth of style from Nina Kossoff, a young professional dapper who works at a NYC ad company. *Photos by Liz Jamora.

I am what I would call a young professional. I work in a creative office. I’m there from approximately 10am-6pm. I meet with coworkers of all levels. I meet with clients. I go out after work sometimes. I stay with friends and pack overnight bags during the week. I have the benefit of being able to exist in a pretty regulated state of not-really-dressing up which makes all of these outfits ones I would feel comfortable wearing on most any days for a variety of occasions, so that’s pretty lucky, huh?

With this somewhat varied, but mostly consistent, life, I’m coming closer to adopting a sort of uniform for myself. And at that, I have three of the exact same pair of black Levi’s skinny jeans. It took me a while to realize that maybe women’s jeans were actually what I needed for the fit and feel of the look I’m comfortable with. Really, I don’t buy a ton of clothes – so it’s taken a little bit of curating the right fits between men’s and women’s garments to achieve the right things I want for my body and gender. Oh, and I’m also fond a good sale.

Oh, and I just want to share my method for this photo shoot too: my coworker and I snuck out during our lunch breaks over the course of a few weeks to shoot these in mostly the Chelsea/Flatiron area of New York City where we work.

So I hope that these outfits provide a little inspiration for you on how you can keep at least one constant article of clothing to both minimize amount of clothing and maximize the use of one thing that makes you feel super good.

Look_1.jpg edit

Look 1:
Genevieve t-shirt
– Army surplus jacket
– off-white classic Vans
– sunglasses from a Soho street vendor
– Levi’s slight curve women’s skinny jeans


Look_2.jpg edit

Look 2:

– Brooklyn Industries men’s cardigan, found on sale
– Old Navy men’s button-up
– skeleton key necklace from an antique store in Prague
– off-white classic Vans
– sunglasses from a Soho street vendor
– Levi’s slight curve women’s skinny jeans


Look_3.jpg edit

Look 3:
– Uniqlo skinny tie, found on sale
– Topman men’s button-up
– Supra women’s high-top sneakers, found on sale
– sunglasses from a Chinatown street vendor
– Levi’s slight curve women’s skinny jeans


Look_4.jpg edits

Look 4:
– Warby Parker men’s glasses (Durand)
– cardigan borrowed from a friend
– tooth necklace borrowed from a friend
– American Apparel v-neck, found at the outlet
– Steve Madden men’s oxford shoes
– Levi’s slight curve women’s skinny jeans
Look_5.jpg edits

Look 5:
– Uniqlo men’s down vest
– Gap women’s denim shirt
– Warby Parker men’s glasses (Durand)
– Forever21 women’s gold necklace
– Clark’s men’s desert boots
– Levi’s slight curve women’s skinny jeans


Look_6.jpg edits

Look 6:
– H&M men’s blazer
– American Apparel shirt, found on sale
– sunglasses from an East Village street vendor
– Everlane backpack
– off-white classic Vans
– Levi’s slight curve women’s skinny jeans


Look_7.jpg edit

Look 7:
– Uniqlo men’s button-up shirt
– Everlane t-shirt
– Brooklyn industries jacket, found on sale
– hat from a consignment shop in Philadelphia
– sunglasses gotten for free at some Brooklyn music event
– Aldo men’s boots
– Levi’s slight curve women’s skinny jeans

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