Sneak Freak: Vans Half Cab

1992: International Space Year.  The leap year that gave us the give of Boyz II Men’s “End of the Road” and Silence of the Lambs. The  year the Toronto Blue Jays became the first non-American team to win the World Series. The year that skateboarding ruled the concrete.

I’m talking about 1992 so much because it was when my new sneakers’ style was born. They’re Vans Half Cab Pro 1992 repros. And they are as rad as the birth of the World Wide Web. Like any sneaker I suggest, this one is available in small sizes, and there’s also a kids’ version if you go below a 6. Vans has also released a ton of different Half Cab offshoots in bright colors that you can find at your local skate shop if you’re lucky.

Wear them with pants for a low-profile shoe, or with shorts to show off a punkier style. They even throw in an extra pair of laces so you can switch things up depending on the day.  Be forewarned: if you need high/good arch support, I’d definitely put inserts in these- they, like most skate shoes, are flat at the bottom. Sneak Freak out!

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  • @Jesse Spenco orthotic inserts have served me well. You can get them at most shoe stores or on Amazon (they are bright green), and cut them to fit the shape of your shoe. The Spenco “PolySorb Crosstrainer” is the kind I get for sneakers.

  • These sneakers take me back to my youth. I was the first girl to wear Converse as everyday shoes. I was also the first to wear bluejeans to school. That was in the 70’s. Yes I am a true southern beau. lol

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