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Autostraddle once described Katherine Moennig’s style as “effortlessly disheveled edgy hi-low/boy-girl androgyny.” Her look, deceivingly elementary but in reality tricky to achieve, has inspired legions of Shane wanna-bes worldwide.

If you like…

How does Katherine Moennig make a t-shirt look so stylish, besides the fact that she is impossibly thin? The secret is in the little details: layers, rock and roll accessories, and her signature “messy” hair. In this video, Moennig helps style Spin Daily’s Katherine Kendall and recommends TAILORING. (And, I am confident you have read and re-read my piece imploring you to consider tailoring, have come to terms with the idea, have found a good tailor, and are putting my advice into practice, right?)

Shop like Moennig:
Moennig’s Favorite Designers and Shops: Henry Duarte; Christine Ganeaux; Kin Boutique & Gallery; J Brand
Designer Essentials: Gucci; Greg Lauren

Moennig for Greg Lauren

Affordable Essentials (t-shirts, blazers): H&M; Uniqlo; Target
Jeans: Levi’s; J Brand; Diesel
Shoes (wingtips, boots, and sneakers): Frey; Cole Haan; Converse
Accessories: Diesel (belts and jewelry); Etsy (jewelery – don’t be afraid to search the site); Levi’s (belts); thrift stores


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