Seven Days of Dapper: AfroDisiac

You know what us East Coast folks need to keep us warm right now? How about some Left Coast Seven Days of Dapper with style maven AfroDisiac. Here’s all you need to know to melt the snow:

I graduated from UC Berkeley, majoring in Broadcast & Television Production. Currently, I reside in Los Angeles and work as a stylist, model, designer, and performer.  According to my mother, I have always been obsessed with fashion and clothing since I could barely walk, insisting on picking out my own clothes even if they didn’t match. In particular, I have always loved “men’s” clothes; watching my Grandfather get dressed was everything. He was a Preacher/Deacon and of course always dressed to impressed. All of the men in my family are really dapper dressers. I started wearing ties in 1996 when I was given my first one by a women who I had a crush on who worked in tie shop when I lived on the East Coast. I have an amazing collection of ties as well as Beau’Ties and Hats, my other obsession. Currently, I’m designing Beau’Ties and Suspenders and my swag has been seen on Cee Lo Green, Fortune Feimster, and a few other Celebrities here in LA. I love creating things and just making art in all forms. Someday, I hope to be a full time performer and celebrity stylist. As far as how I come up with different looks, I find inspiration all around me, never really wanting to copy a style, I will put my own funky spin on things to make it uniquely mine!

Day 1: Dress to Impress



I dress like I’m going somewhere special everyday and always put some thought into my appearance. Not just to impress others, but because I feel good when I look GREAT. But, truth be told, when you live in LA and are trying to do the Hollywood/acting thing like me, you never know who you will meet or who will see you. So, it’s just advisable to look your best at all times.

Style Details: Shoes – Anderson by Calvin Klein; Jeans- Marc Jacobs;  Short Sleeve Button Down – Dickies Kids; Blazer- Max Mara; Gold Gifted Gold Beau’Tie by AfroDisiac

Day 2: Smarty Pants “Get Yo Edumahcation on”



I’m such a Dorky Nerd Girl, I love reading and just learning new things! I have often been called “square” but, I love it; I embrace my inner nerd and my style reflects that.

Style Details: Shoes – Gold Leather Top-Siders; Jeans – Custom Levi’s; Cardigan – Ralph Lauren; Shirt – Kenneth Cole; Linen Freestyle Beau’Tie by AfroDisiac

Day 3: Color Me Red



Red is my favorite color. I always seem to be drawn to the color red and maybe it’s because I’m a Leo /Fire Sign. But, don’t be afraid of color. I often find that people are scared or just not wanting to stray from their clothing comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

Style Details: Shoes- Faux Toms; Jeans – Levis; Shirt – Calvin Klein (thrift store find); Suspenders by AfroDisiac; Hat- I.N.C.

Day 4: Fashion Beast



Most days I dress pretty masculine, although my mood does change and you just might see me in a skirt. But, there is just something about men’s clothes I’ve always loved!!

Style Details: Shoes- bowling shoes new from thrift shop; Jeans – Levis 501s; Vest- I.N.C.; Suspenders by AfroDisiac’ Tee – GAP; Handkerchief – gift; Duck Billed Hat –  Goorin Brothers

Day 5: Just Got Paid…It’s Friday Night



I have a pretty active social life and being invited to cool LA parties are always a plus. But, you never want to be seen not looking your best when you live in LA because you never know who’s watching!!

Style Details: Shoes – Chuck Taylor Bosey Boot; Jeans – Concrete;  Shirt – Fake Polo; Suspenders by AfroDisiac; Beau’Tie by AfroDisiac; Duck Bill Hat – Groorin Brothers

Day 6: Work Hard, Play Harder



They say it never rains in Southern California, and they’re right !! With the fabulous weather we have, you can wear shorts pretty much all year around. I love to mix casual and sophisticated together. Be adventurous have fun with your clothes; it’s all drag really!! I love accessories: scarves, hats, belts, ties, all that. You can find really great scarves at swap meets, and you never know, you might come across a Gucci or vintage LV. I love the hunt and finding a great deal is a must if you are a shopaholic like I am.

Style Details: Shoes – Navy Leather Pro Keds; Shorts – Marc Echo; V-Neck Tee – GAP;  V-neck cashmere sweater – Banana Republic; Necklace -Tiffany; Scarf – Hermes

Day 7: Boom Goes The Dynamite



I’ve been skateboarding since I was 5 or 6 years old; I think it’s in a Cali kid’s DNA and it does not matter if you’re a boy or a gurl or whatever! Skateboarding is freedom. Just you and this little piece of wood or plastic with wheels and the amazing things you can do on it.

Style Details: Shoes – High-top Vans; Jeans – Levis Custom; Tokyo Black Track Hoodie – GAP; V-Neck Tee – GAP;  Hat – Goorin Brothers; Boom Box Tote Bag – Parcel

Where to find me ~
Twitter: @Afro__Disiac
E-mail: [email protected]

“Just Let Your Soul Glow”

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