Dapper Halloween Inspiration

Halloween. The day on which you can dress up to be anything your heart desires. Scary. Silly. Nerdy. Powerful. But what about dapper? For some, Halloween presents a fun challenge to come up with something interesting and new. For others, Halloween presents lots of stress about having to find a ridiculous costume just so you can attend all those parties. Either way, I’d like to recommend flaunting your sexy-grown self by adding a dapper twist to your costume. Here are some ideas to take the pressure off:


Leap-Skeleton-588x354Image via Dance Advantage


Boba Fett and Darth Vadar via Soletopia

Dia De Los MuertosImage via b-metro


Be the most stylish crew and/or couple at the party. Image via Buddy TV


Jack the Pumpkin King is always dapper. Image via Welcome to My Lunaverse

FreaksolveFor the high-fashion risk taker. Image via i-models

daftpunkDaft Punk via Lu Lu’s

ANCHORMANRon Burgundy and the cast of Anchorman. Image via the Dallas Morning News

1931_Dracula_img29You can never go wrong with a classic Dracula. Image via Classic Movie Monsters

MBDURCO EC004Explore your inner cowboy/boi and channel John Travolta in Urban Cowboy. Image via Cineplex

Lastly, if you are the one throwing the party, consider having a Mad Men or Great Gatsby theme party so you and your guests will look something like this…

the-great-gatsby-wbp10Great Gatsby inspiration via A Few Good Film Reviews


Mad Men inspiration via Fashion Foot

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