Ask dapperQ: Suits for my Teen Daughter?


A reader asks:

“I’m trying to plan ahead for Christmas for my 16-yr-old who likes to suit up. I can embrace the suit…just not lousy-looking suits. She’s a lovely 5’7″ not-skinny, not-stocky, girl, with a lovely girl’s body. (Sorry, I’m her mom, I’m biased.) Therefore, boy/men clothes don’t fit well, and she isn’t keen on the fit either. So, what are my options to find her something decent that has a sleek euro-fit? I can spend some money for tailoring–don’t want to spend more than a few hundred for something she may outgrow, though… We live in the D.C. suburbs, not a fashion or trans hotbed… any ideas?”

I recommend first taking a look at our post, Menswear Movement: New Year, New Hope. This post lists a number of online retailers and clothiers that are designing/curating menswear, or menswear inspired, collections for the unconventionally masculine. Brands listed include Marimacho, The Original Tomboy, Saint Harridan, VEAA Androgynous, Tomboy Tailors, Kreuzbach10, Wildfang, Androgyny, VEER, and Fourteen.


Saint Harridan SuitSaint Harridan Suit

AndrogynousVEEA Androgynous Clothing

Not mentioned in the post are Butch Clothing Company and Duchess, which both make custom made suits for dapperQs. Other readers swear by J-Crew’s Ludlow suit line for men and Her Tuxedo, although Her Tuxedo has a more traditionally feminine fit, but works for folks who want to achieve a tomboy femme look.

Many of these brands also offer phone and Skype consultations in order to assist you better with sizing and fit.

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  • Honestly, as another DC local, I’ve had a lot of luck finding good DC tailors! One that stuck out to me in particular was Michael Andrews Bespoke (Dupont Circle)–I had a really nice conversation with them via email, in which they were very accommodating, and gave me a lot of information about what was needed to adjust a typical men’s suit for a female wearer. They tend to be more on the expensive side, but it might be worth it to get the perfect fit. Another great store was Christopher Kim’s Menswear and Tailoring. I walked in, and despite the fact that I was clearly not looking for anything expensive (I was wearing a pair of cargo shorts and a somewhat wrinkled button-up) I got nothing but excellent service. Even as a woman walking in and looking for a men’s suit, Kim didn’t even bat an eye. I felt totally comfortable being measured by him, and he was very amiable in giving me advice and telling me what could be done to help give me a better fit in my suits. Even though I walked out without buying, he was absolutely friendly. The suit he offered me was around $500 for a two-piece suit, and he does all of the necessary tailoring in-house before giving the suit to you–for no extra cost. That in itself makes the suit a great investment.

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