The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens: Gape Free Classic Button-Downs

While designer Rochelle Behren’s clothing is not considered “menswear,” her classic button-down shirts address an issue that many of us with breasts have with shirts: gaping at the bust. Behren’s products are shown mostly on feminine presenting women in her ads and on her website; however, the fact that her line is so successful demonstrates that gaping is such a problem that it sees no gender presentation or sexual orientation. Classic button-down shirts are not meant to fit bodies with breasts, period.


How does Behren’s shirts differ from others? Her secret is the “boob button,” a dual button technology. Need another plus? Some of the fits are designed without seems on the front for a smooth finish.

Dual Button The Shirt

The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens Stats


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  • I really wish their white shirt came in a size larger than 14… Even though their size chart says they have an XXL (a small 16), the classic white shirt’s max size is XL. It seems so impossible to find a good white shirt in a larger size.

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