[Video] 5 Ways to Wear This Suit by “She’s A Gent”

Yesterday, dapperQ and the LGBTQ community were collectively saddened to learn that St. Harridan, one of the pioneers in non-binary queer suiting, shut their doors due to lack of funding. I posted on my personal Facebook page that now, more than ever, our queer entrepreneurs, including queer designers and queer fashion bloggers, need our support. That said, I also realize that owning a tailored suit is a privilege that not all of us can afford.

QPOC woman “menswear” influencer and Insta-celebrity Danielle Cooper, founder of the queer life+style blog She’s A Gent, gave us some much needed inspiration just one day after the devastating loss of St. Harridan, publishing “5 Ways to Wear This Suit,” a video tutorial demonstrating how to make the most out of your financial investment in suiting, on her newly launched YouTube channel that is the latest addition to her multi-media enterprise. The video was already in the works before the St. Harridan announcement, but it is still a timely and important resource for those who want and/or need to make the biggest bang for their suit buck and who, like my partner, only wear suits for business, such as interviews. Danielle does an incredible job demonstrating how to wear the different pieces of a suit by women-owned suit company The Tailory for more practical, casual looks, making the suit less formal and more accessible so that it doesn’t collect dust in your closet while you’re waiting for the next professional event to rock yours.

When I asked Danielle to talk a bit about her launch, she stated:

She’s A Gent has been a way for me to connect to those who appreciate fashion and menswear but understand that it is not limited to one gender.

But, this year I began feeling as if my message was getting lost in a picture alone. The launch of the YouTube channel is not only to share more of myself, but to also learn from others and continue to educate the world on my expanded journey. As cliche as it may sound, all I want is for all walks of life to look at me and say because of you I didn’t give up.

YouTube will not only continue to share fashion tips, but also open the conversation for to blogging tips, inspirational stories of my followers, talk sessions with influential people and more.

“5 Ways to Wear This Suit” is just one but of a regular series of life+style videos that will appear on Danielle’s YouTube channel. She’s A Gent will publish a new video every Thursday. Stay tuned here.

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