SummerQ and Channeling AC/DC

shortsI’m heading to a big, fat, gay wedding in Pennsylvania this holiday weekend, I but took time last night for a date with my  best girl.  She snapped this with her iPhone while we were strolling along the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights.

The short sleeve linen shirt and sweater and purple socks are Uniqlo. The bowtie was $4 at at Housing Works Thrift Store in SoHo. Yes, it is pre-tied. I noodled on it awhile because green and gold plaids don’t scream “me.” But I had my new summer shirts from Uniqlo in the bag and could see how well the colors played together. And as I have mentioned before, pre-tied is great as long as it has a tad of irony. And yet another man stopped me on the street yesterday and, after he complimented the ensemble, asked if I had tied it myself.

The socks, pulled up, would have never occurred to me on my own. But at my recent shoot, Steven who is a stylist for Ralph Lauren on his day job, made me try it with pink socks. (I will post a few shots from that portion of the shoot soon,  although I think my straight lesbro photographer Ryan was so appalled with the socks that he mostly shot me above the knee.) P.S. Try it, but not with black socks!

AngusMy straight male friend Neal thought I was channeling Angus, the lead singer from AC/DC. Sorry, folks, but I take that as a compliment. Would that my outifts evoke comment from strangers two decades from now.

The real breakthrough for SummerQ is my new shorts from Ben Sherman. I got them in a deep royal blue because I am ENDLESSLY SPILLING SHIT ON MYSELF. At dinner, for instance, I knocked a bowl of olive oil on said shorts. Had to pay $79 for them but they are classic and I think I can wear them for years, provided I don’t also manage to rip them getting out of a chair.

Off to the wedding.   Life is short.   Summer is shorter.  Enjoy.

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