One Summer Wedding Option

When Kate Peterson – one half of the folk duo known as Nervous But Excited – decided to tie the knot on a gorgeous farm in rural Pennsylvania, she turned to Susie Giang for help finding the right outfit. (Kate is featured below with her bride, Leah Schew.)

As a Vice President at Fleming Artists, which represents artists ranging from Ani DiFranco to Jill Sobule to Melissa Ferrick, Susie knows a thing or two about what’s hip.  Here’s what Susie, herself a very talented musician, wrote about the search for Kate’s outfit:

“the woman is beautiful. it’s not hard to find the right look. when i was put in charge of dressing her, there was nothing but excitement. we started with shapes and looks, she knew she wanted a vest suit situation. she didn’t want to look to home/farm like even among the scenery. so i took a look at leah’s dress and we hit the ground from there. started with the vest. found it at JC Penny, on clearance. because of the time of the year (it getting warmer) three piece suits were out.

after the JC penny world, we found pants that she owned that were perfect. that took a huge amount of stress off of me personally, since pants can be difficult to fit….as I’m sure you know. so finding a pair that she owned, and was comfortable in, was a blessing. after that i went right to express with kate. she wanted colors that would match the wedding colors, white, eggplant and black. so we found a sharp eggplant pinstripe shirt at express for men. then followed the tie. i wanted the tie to pop. we found the right tie at express for men as well.

the fit of the vest and pants would be more important to me then the aesthetic look, they needed to fall on kate well. of course i wanted more of a neutral color on the vest. the tie, watch, tie clip, makeup, and shoes were going to have to pull the outfit fully together. i bought her the watch as a gift, the tie clip too. the watch is kenneth cole and the tie clip was geoffry bean. i liked how both were darker colors so that, again, kates face and tie popped the most.

it was fun to shop for one of my closest friends on one of the most important days of her life. the fact that she asked me said a lot to me as well….that she knew that fashion was important to me and she was willing to trust me with it.

As a friend of Kate and Leah’s, my wife Shannon and I were lucky enough to attend and grab dapQSnaps. I was wildly moved by the way that the families of both brides came together to create such a celebration. I loved sporting dressy shorts with knee high socks, oxfords, a bow tie and a hat I picked up at Target that morning as a defense against the the 90+ heat.

I’m proud to report that Susie considers herself a dapperQ and told me, “dapperQ is not only inclusive, it inspires my own fashion. Everyday I push to look great, it’s my expression. Thanks for putting value to that for the community and being an activist along the way.”  She’s offered to get some of the artists she knows to pose for dapperQ, so keep checking back for more from Susie.

If you haven’t heard Nervous But Excited, make the time soon. Amy Ray says of their music, “Ahhhh the instruments on the new CD, “Anchors” are organic and rich like good soil. The arrangements are layered in a way that
makes me want to listen and hear it grow. The songs are honest and dimensional. It’s music to my ears.”

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