Suspenders/Braces: The Dapperest of Details

According to the fashion industry, braces/suspenders have alternated between being on the “in” and “out” lists over the years. While everything in fashion has its time, I feel that suspenders should have never been considered “out” (unless you’re talking about out and proud).

Suspenders I

Suspenders are one of those accessories that provide that je ne sais quoi detail that defines dapper.

Suspenders as an accessory are a definite DO. But, I personally feel that there is one major ‘DON’T’ when wearing suspenders, and that is wearing a belt along with them. Suspenders are both fashionable and functional. If the functional purpose of suspenders is to hold your pants up, then you don’t need a belt.

Suspenders III
For more on suspenders, visit our friends over at Qwear and check out their Suspenders Guide.

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