He Said/We Said: New York Sharks Edition

Sharks photos by Hafeez Raji
Make-up by Lauren O’Jea


Football and fashion fans, hold on to your bow-ties because dapperQ is excited to present our 14th edition of He Said/We Said (HS/WS), featuring the sideline styles of the New York Sharks! The Sharks are one of approximately 50+ teams in the Independent Women’s Football League, a full-tackle professional women’s football organization. (Did you know there is such a league? Are you supporting pro-women’s football in your city?)

Rae Amanda   Jerkeida Jennifer  Team FeaturePhoto by Hafeez Raji

The Shark’s season started last April and is now over. But, we wanted to celebrate their season and introduce them to newbie women’s pro-football fans by showcasing their off-field swag. This called for a slightly different game plan for selecting an inspiration for the photo shoot.

 SHIANTE  Charonn Erika Caprece Team FeaturePhoto by Hafeez Raji

Usually, HS/WS creatress Anita Dolce Vita selects a high fashion menswear collection as inspiration and asks each of the models to style their very own individual interpretations of their favorite ensembles from the collection. However, in recent years, athletes, such as Brittney Griner and Dwyane Wade, have become style icons, joining the ranks of musicians, models, artists, actors, and socialites whose wardrobes we covet. Just take a look at the NBA Style Wars and you’ll see that the competition is spilling onto the sidelines, with athletes vying to be the style icon du jour. So, instead of Anita selecting the inspiration for the Sharks, she asked each of the participating Sharks to fashion an ensemble inspired by their favorite athlete style icon. With women and members of the LGBTQ community still being so heavily discriminated against in sports, Anita could not think of a better time to feature this incredible group of athletes in the HS/WS project.

Creative director, designer, and photographer Hafeez Raji shot at Bushwick Inlet Park in Brooklyn, New York to capture the amazing images of the participating members of the Sharks team. For full model bios, outfit details, and Autostraddle exclusive images of the team, visit Autostraddle’s edition here.

Inspiration: Derrick Rose

Erika Cottle for Derrick Rose FINAL

Erika Cottle


Erika Cottle 2 dapperQPhoto by Hafeez Raji


Inspiration: Russell Westbrook

Jerkeida R. Grant for Russell Westbrook II


Jerkeida R. Grant


Jerkeida R. Grant 3 dapperQPhoto by Hafeez Raji


Inspiration: Dwayne Wade



Jennifer M. Melendez

Jennifer M. Melendez 1 dapperQPhoto by Hafeez Raji


Inspiration: Richard Sherman


Rachel Baum for Richard Sherman FINAL


Rae Baum


Rae Baum 5 dapperQ

Photo by Hafeez Raji


Inspiration: Ocho Cinco

Amanda for Ocho Cinco FINAL


Amanda M. Cantave


Amanda M. Cantave 8 dapperQ

Photo by Hafeez Raji


Inspiration: Chris Paul




Shiante (Tay) Wilson



Photo by Hafeez Raji


Inspiration: Victor Cruz


Charonn for Victor Cruz


Charonn Sutton


Charonn Sutton 8 dapperQ

Photo by Hafeez Raji


Inspiration: Victor Cruz


Caprece Gray for Victor Cruz FINAL


Caprece Gray


Caprece Gray 5 dapperQPhoto by Hafeez Raji

Behind the Scenes Images by Photography by Suri


Team by Suri


Keetz by Suri


Rae by Suri


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  • I’d be interested to see a spread where the folks at dapperq style the people being featured as GQ does so your readers can use everything as a guide for what looks good and what might not look good. Just a thought!

  • You can find the outfit descriptions and model bios in the full post on Autostraddle. Link provided above. (See post intro.)

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