Rihanna’s Casual Cool is the Answer to Several Fashion Dilemmas

My style is femme af. My partner’s style is androgynous af. But we have one fashion icon who we both hope to grow up to be one day: Rihanna. My biggest fashion dilemma is that I do not know how to dress casual and fashionable. I have a closet full of J. Crew power skirt-suit looks for work alongside way too many disco glitter dresses for nighttime soirées. But, if I have to dress comfortable and fashionable for a long flight or a movie, I’m totally lost. It’s either a ballgown or pajamas. Nothing in between.

In contrast, my partner has a closet full of stylish clothing perfect for hiking, films, and flights. But, she DREADS dressing up. She won’t wear dresses but also feels awkward in suits. So, what is she to wear for, let’s say, dapperQ’s annual fashion show at Brooklyn Museum?

Here’s where Riri comes to the rescue for both of us. She is the queen at pulling off effortless-casual-cool outfits that are comfortable enough to get you through a coach flight with someone’s seat back in your lap but that are also fashion-forward enough to turn heads at a queer New Year’s Eve party in Brooklyn.  As you go through, note how she:

  • Accessorizes with glasses, necklaces, beanies, snapbacks, watches, etc.
  • Rocks the coolest kicks
  • Loves camo
  • Wears tailored clothing but…
  • …if she wears oversized clothing, it’s “normcore” proportions all over
  • Makes overalls hip as hell
  • Rolls/cuffs her jeans

* You can always rock the same look with a longer shirt



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