Ask dapperQ: Dapper Style for Curvy Femmes?

A reader asks:

“I’m a femme who desperately wants to dip her toes further into dapper style, but I love my curves! How can I bring dapper style into my wardrobe while still flaunting my curvy femme self?”

I understand that even super thin dappers have a difficult time finding menswear inspired ensembles that fit. But, what I find very upsetting is that the new tomboy femme and androgynous trend seems to be geared only towards very, very thin individuals. Trust me, you absolutely CAN flaunt curves and be dapper. The two do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Vests, blazers, and sport coats that are fitted at the waist are a great way of accentuating curves. All in all, good fit is key. Take a look at our store guide here for brands that offer button-down shirts that prevent gaping at the bust and “plus size” tops. You can also check out our pants guide for curvy dapperQs here. Lastly, if I’ve said it a million times, I still have not said it enough: Tailoring your clothes will give you the best fit! Have a tailoring budget for building your dream wardrobe. When purchasing clothes that require tailoring, remember that items should fit the largest parts of your body. Excess fabric can be taken in. See my tailoring sermon here.

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