Seven Days of Dapper: Gabrielle Royal

Hold onto your bow-ties, because Seven Days of Dapper is back featuring seven days worth of style from a dashing dandy. This time, we’re diving into the closet of Gabrielle Royal.

Gabrielle Royal is a graduate student at New York University. Her research is focused on the intersections of race, gender and sexuality in contemporary American literature. Outside of the classroom she can be found skateboarding throughout the city, enjoying soy lattes at local coffee shops, and having Saturday brunch with her Bed-stuy crew. She is also passionate about using film, photography and art as activism. Gabrielle hopes to one day pursue a career in education that creates affirming communities and spaces for LGBTQ people of color. You can learn more about Gabrielle on her website here.

Day 1: The Coffeehouse Queer
I love mixing textures! Dress your outfit down with a jean jacket or dress it back up with a bow tie, timepiece, or neutral slipper. I would personally wear this outfit to a coffee shop to study, a movie date or when I am museum hopping throughout NYC! The pants are fun and socks keep the look fresh. Keep the outfit unique by adding a bandana in your jacket pocket or throw on a few bracelets for style.




Outfit Details: Jean jacket by Gap; checkered shirt by Gap; maroon slim pants by Uniqlo; cardigan sweater by TopMan; bow tie by Marimacho; dandelion socks by Uniqlo; black suede slippers by Aldo; wrist watch by Nava.

Day 2: The Commuter
I am a fan of this blazer because of low button, suede elbow patches and detail on the popped collar. The basic black oxford is great for the business meeting in the city, but also versatile enough to wear with a dark wash jean. I like wearing this outfit on campus or throughout Brooklyn (day or night) because it is a classic look. To make the look unique, try stuffing your jacket pocket with leather gloves instead of the pocket square (fashion meets function).  Don’t forget your hat on the way out and then you’re ready to hop on the A train at Nostrand Ave!




Outfit Details: Blazer by Marimacho; indigo jean shirt by Gap; black dress pants by ZARA MAN; black oxfords by Cole Haan; black leather gloves by Cole Haan (gifted); fedora (vintage); sunglasses by Ray-Ban; commuter bag (gifted); assorted bracelets.

Day 3: The DapperQ part 1
As a graduate student I find myself in continuous motion, I am always on the run! With such a busy schedule this outfit is comfortable and stylish. It is also totally appropriate for running errands between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Don’t forget to grab a light lunch with a classmate on the way, but first pack that leather day bag. I especially like adding that touch of “dapper” by including a tweed vest and rain/cold weather boots in the ensemble.




Outfit Details: Bold orange sweater by Uniqlo; checkered shirt by H&M; tweed vest by Marimacho; dark wash jeans by Gap; winter/rain boots by L.L. Bean; leather briefcase by Coach (vintage & gifted); watch by Nava; assorted bracelets.

Day 4: The Brooklyn Dandy
This outfit is fun to wear because of the bold colors, textures and vintage accessories. Wear this outfit to a house party, happy hour, or trip to the MoMA. Call up your Brooklyn friends to go on an adventure in the city or do something artsy downtown. The festive tie makes it fun and the timepiece keeps the outfit interesting. Add a hat or pair of sunglasses to complete the look before calling the cab.




Outfit Details: Blue cardigan H&M; button down shirt and tie by Uniqlo; orange skinny chinos by TopMan; newsboy cap by Gap; leather high-top boots by Clarks; wrist watch by Void; “back-spacer” tie clip; smiley-pin and stop & frisk button (gifted); assorted bracelets; Canon camera (vintage).

Day 5: The Weekend
I’ve been skateboarding since the age of ten. I grew up in the south, where skateboarding and longboarding became a huge part of my life. I like this outfit because it sort of speaks to both passions, skating and queer fashion. I like the idea of having the best of both worlds here, so why not give those oxfords from Cole Haan a break and dust off the Vans after work?




Outfit Details: Over-sized sweater by Gap; black button down shirt by TopMan; black skinnies by Vans; bow-tie by Urban Outfitters; red hi-top sneakers by Vans; sporty wrist watch by Fossil; assorted bracelets; longboard by Sector 9.

Day 6: The Brunch Date
Brunching in Brooklyn is like my favorite part of the weekend: French toast, bacon, and bottomless mimosas. Whether it is a brunch with friends, family or a special someone you met on OKCupid (just kidding), you can totally look the part for any occasion! Throw on a blazer with a warm color and a fun pocket square. Add a few accessories and a dark wash jean with a neutral high boot. Pull up your yellow socks, because the brunch line in Crown Heights will be long.




Outfit Details: Blazer by Uniqlo; sweatshirt by Gap; checkered button down by H&M; dark wash jeans by American Eagle; fedora (vintage); pocket square by H&M; leather boots by Clarks; wrist watch by Fossil; brooch (vintage); dandelion socks by Uniqlo; sunglasses by Ray-Ban; assorted bracelets.

Day 7: DapperQ part 2
Okay, Dapper Queers. It’s day seven and time to go to that invite-only gathering in the city. Dust off that suit and tie and let’s get started! I enjoy dressing up, but sometimes it can get a little old. Try throwing a fun(ish) tie in the mix, a unique watch or colorful sock to make that outfit pop. I am a fan of the basic black (but well-fitted) suit, while using the details in my accessories as the conversation starter at the party. Grab a black bag and black leather gloves to complete your look for the week!




Outfit Details: Black suit by Express; button down shirt by Gap; briefcase by Jack Spade; black leather gloves by Cole Haan (gifted); bow tie (vintage); wrist watch by Nava; assorted bracelets.




Photography: TTK, artist & photographer
Email: [email protected]

Haircut: Karyn Gordon, Master Stylist
Email: [email protected]

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