Ask dapperQ: Metal-Free Dapper Pants?

*Feature image via VEER

A reader asks:

“I recently interviewed for a position at a distribution office where I was surprised to learn that they have a no metal policy. Meaning, that if hired, I wouldn’t be allowed to wear any clothing containing metal. No metal belts, buttons, zippers, clasps, grommets on shoes, etc. Being the dapper butch that I am, this news was slightly concerning. I’m pretty sure every pant I own has metallic buttons and zippers on them. Short of resorting to wearing workout attire and/or scrubs, are there any dapper (particularly pant) options that you can think of that do not contain metal components? With exception of “butch leggings” that I saw the recent Autostraddle article for, I’m kind of stumped. Not sure I’m a butch leggings every day of the week kind of gal. Please help!”

Well, don’t knock workout attire just yet. Fortunately for you, designer sweats are all the rage right now. (Just ask Esquire and GQ magazines….Oh, and us…we’ve said sweatpants can be dapper) Take for example:

Designer Sweats II_edited-1From left to right: via Esquire, Steven Alan, and GQ

The key is how you style sweats, as seen on the runways of Band of Outsiders, Steven Alan, Shades of Grey, Michael-Bastian, Todd Snyder, and Bespoken. You can also purchase fashion-forward sweats from brands that specifically design menswear inspired clothing for the unconventionally masculine, such as VEER and Wildfang. If the waist ties have mental tabs on the end, you can simply cut them off.

Dressed Up Sweats

Yes, these are sweatpants by Band of Outsiders

Dressy Sweats

Also Band of Outsiders sweats!

Unruley Heir

Image via Closet Freaks

Bespoken_ss14_17-683x1024via John Simon Daily

SS14 BASTIAN NEW YORK 09/04/2013via The Block

Todd Snyder FW2013 Collectionvia Esquire

If we still haven’t sold you on dapper sweatpant ensembles, then opt for twill pants with Velcro closures, which you can find at places like Buck & Buck or Cover Up Shop Adaptive Clothing.

VelcroVelcro closure Buck & Buck twill pants

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  • Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Ironically enough, I didn’t get that job. I did however get an offer for a position at a large, well known, national bank. So all matter of dapper attire is allowed and encouraged! But I’m intrigued by the idea of dapper sweats, so I might have to look into adding them into the weekend wear rotation! 🙂

  • There’s also the option of button-fly pants with plastic buttons, pull-on trousers, and linen pants. I see a few fine options for pull-on trousers in my online searching that don’t look like athletic gear.

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