Supermodel Amanda Moore – "Androgenous Slacker Cool"

The New York Times has described the openly gay model Amanda Moore as “androgenous slacker cool.”  Wikipedia’s diligent volunteers describe her dapperQ style as follows:

“Moore’s work is known for its synthesis of opposites—toughness and refinement, forthrightness and reserve. Typically, descriptions of her look are as it was characterized by Patricia Lansing in Women’s Wear Daily—a ‘versatile look that is both hard and soft, feminine and sexy’—or as it was described early in her career by ‘She is elegant and she is strong. She is not shy and she is not completely available.’ Moore’s ability to bend (and transcend) gender by projecting both masculine and feminine sexuality has been often noted as her trademark, and has been mined by photographers for editorials considered some of the edgiest of their day.”

Scouting this content like this for you, dapperQ readers, is a dirty job.  But some femme-loving butch has got to do it…

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