Sophia Wallace Lauded for Modern Dandy

Last month, NYC photographer Sophia Wallace was recognized by Photo District News a.k.a. PDN for “outstanding and undiscovered fine art photography in the category portrait/nude” with a well-attended opening at the posh Milk Gallery.

Modern Dandy Series by Sophia Wallace

Of this series, Modern Dandy, she writes, ‘Beautiful men and handsome women interest me. I am struck by the complexity of holding disparate polarities. Strict codes of gender are often taken for granted leaving all of us at various points in our lives policed for over stepping an unstated boundary. In my work, I seek to aestheticize this space of in-between– where gender overlaps. This series is my latest project in an ongoing exploration’.

Shannon and I attended this impressively dapperQ crowd, many of whom celebrating Sophia’s accomplishment by donning bowties. Here are a few snapshots including Sophia, her partner Consuelo, Krys Freeman who is featured in the shoot, KS Stevens, Shante Paradigm Small and other wellwishers.

DapperQ sends a big thanks to Sophia for her visionary efforts to portray a beauty too often overlooked.

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