Growing In to Your Style (VIDEO)

Every time dapperQ produces a photo shoot, we take advantage of the opportunity to interview our models about their style journey.  They look great — as in this recent installment of He Said/We Said shot by Yann Feron and produced by Anita Dolce Vita — and each seems to truly understand the honor of “representing” for all journeying toward greater levels of authenticity.

I’ve spent decades fighting my own internalized homo and butchphobia. The folks I meet through this avocational passion inspire me to press forward in the work of my personal evolution.  The generous feedback I’ve gotten from so many of you confirm that these are messages many of us need to hear.

In this installment, generously shot by my creative partner Ryan Kipp of 89 Second Productions, the theme that emerges is that of evolution.  Style is about far more than putting together an outfit.  It’s about self-determination and going within.  It’s about aligning our insides and our outsides.  It’s about being brave.

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