Ben Sherman Hats and Questions of Etiquette

While we may have a hard time finding menswear that fits us well, dapperQ’s know how to work hats. If you’ve primarily limited your hat wear to summer and winter, it’s time to discover styles that will add new texture and color for fall and spring.

Those who love Ben Sherman will be geeked to find their hat sale offering more than 50% off. Here are a few of the most notable. (I threw in one straw — pictured right– you will have to wait until next summer to wear. But at these prices, you can’t go wrong.)

Here’s a street fashion video in which Kenny is rockin’ a Ben Sherman hat.

Street Fashion Vid — Trans Punk Meets Prep from dapperQ on Vimeo.

Let me know what you think of this new slide show format with links?
Send me photos of you in your favorite Fall hat ([email protected])?
Offer your take on this recent Washington Post article bemoaning the decline of men’s hat etiquette. What do you think of men who wear their hats inside? Do you?

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  • Have always loved hats but am wondering if any one has figured out how to make a hat look good on a large head (?) My head size in 7 3/4.

  • I wear my hat inside, unless I’m eating dinner or something, then I definitely take it off.
    As for my favourite hat, it’s my really cheap fedora, which has become slightly iconic now, because I wear it far too much.

  • I admit I’ve been watching “Royal Pains” in order to catch glimpses of the great hats worn by the character Evan. This has motivated me to actually track them down – thanks!

  • Love the new format–the links make it so easy to steal these looks. I am torn about which is sexier…butchy-women in men’s hats or femmy-women in men’s hats…thank you for not making me decide!

  • Dear dapper,

    Could you help me please, i’ve ben trying to purchase the above Gingham Check Pork Pie, can not find one anywere, can you please help.

    I reside in Australia

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