Ask dapperQ: What to Do With Family Heirloom Jewelry for Non-Jewelry Wearing Folks?

A reader asks:

Do you have any suggestions on what to do with family jewelry for non-jewelry wearing folks? I have two lovely old antique cameos, one pearl necklace, and a platinum wedding ring with diamond chips, all of which belonged to my grandmother. For sentimental reasons I don’t want to part with them, but in 11 years I have not once worm them and likely never will. I do not have any cousins to pass them on to. I am open to taking them to a jeweler and having them re-worked them somehow, but don’t really have any ideas. I just can’t think of a way I might want to wear diamonds or pearls, let alone the cameos. Do you have any ideas?

Wow! What an exciting question. It’s always great to get something that really makes us put our creative thinking caps on. So many options are available to you, but it really depends on your style preferences. You can have any of those pieces worked into things like lapel pins, cuff links, collar clips/chains, collar brooches, rings, tie bars, bolo ties, and more. Here’s just a bit of inspiration.


BOTTEGA-VENETA-EYE-BROOCH_NAP21-670x954 Cameo Tie Bar Pearl Cuff

Tie Clip

pearl lapel



collar clips



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