Ask dapperQ: Brown Wingtips in Small Sizes (Like, Men’s 5)?

A reader recently posted this call for advice on our Facebook page:


Alright style conscious little transguys: brands, websites, anything…I really need to look sharp for work this year. Totally fine getting clothes tailored, but cannot find nice dress shoes. I want some nice brown wingtips. Men’s 5 don’t seem to exist and all the boys styles have terrible round toes that look more like a work boot instead of a nice sleek shoe. I never in my life thought I would consider spending $250 on shoes (I freak out at $80), but that’s as high as I’ll go to finally have a sturdy, attractive pair of shoes I can love for several years.

I would start with dapperQ’s masculine dress shoe guide for smaller sized feet. It provides advice on styles, brands, and search engines for a wide range of dress shoes, from wingtips to monkstraps. But, since you’re looking for something very specific for this year, we’ve done some of the footwork (pun intended) for you and found some masculine wingtip styles that are available in “men’s” and “women’s” sizes now. (Note the quotes around “men’s” and “women’s” — if it suits your needs, no one needs to know what department some brand representatives arbitrarily assigned the shoe to.)




Brown WingtipMen’s “UGG Allcott Collection” in Dark Brown/Naturale. Originally $350, on sale at 6pm for $140. Available in men’s size 5 – 11.5. Click here to purchase. Be sure to change the color selection in the drop down menu from charcoal to brown (if you prefer brown).


Brown Wingtip 2editsWomen’s “BP ‘Harlan’ Slip-On Wingtip Oxford.” $79.95 at Nordstrom. Available in women’s sizes 5-11. Click here to purchase.


Brown Wigtip LitaWomen’s “Bedstu ‘Lita’ Wingtip.” $155 at Dillards. Available in women’s sizes 6-10. Click here to purchase.


BedStuBedStu Lita also available in this awesome color from TomboyX. Click here to purchase.


Brown Wingtip FreyWomen’s “Frey ‘James’ Wingtip.” Originally $218, on sale at 6pm for $130.80. Available in women’s sizes 5.5 – 11. Click here to purchase.


Brown Wingtips Pikolinos

Women’s “Pikolinos ‘Brighton Tuxedo’ Oxford.” $170 at Amazon. Available in women’s sizes 5.5-10. Click here to purchase.


Style is very personal, so if these suggestions do not suit your tastes, visit our shoe guide for instructions on how to use fashion search engines to shop for alternatives.

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