Seven Days of Dapper: Cammrynn

Got the post-holiday back to work blues? Well, we’ve got a brand spankin’ new Seven Days of Dapper  featuring Cammrynn (aka Cam or Cammi) to lift your Monday spirits. Here’s more about Cam:

“Just a good ole Kansas gal and recent graduate of Jackson State University (full-ride golf scholarship) with a Bachelors in Mass Communications- – Video Production. I’m a happy go lucky-free spirit that enjoys the little things in life and I wear what I wear in reflection of my personality. Fashion to me is a manifestation of our imagination, it’s self-expression through diversity, individualism, creativity and without that the world wouldn’t be as beautiful as it is. On a normal day you can catch me running around with my camera capturing life, drinking a cup of tea, or at the gym gettin’ it in! Words that I live by: Aspire to inspire and dwell in love..always!” – Cam




This look was inspired by…yep you guessed it, CAMO! I purchased these Shades of Blue camo chino pants from GAP. I bought this Pink oxford shirt from Old Navy from the little boys section..OH YESS!! These mid-top chico-mahogany oxford shoes are from one of the most awesome thrifts in the world: GOODWILL! And my bow tie is a custom made piece from my friends at Major Apparel 111.




This jean jacket was purchased from GAP. My peppermint red & white checkered shirt and navy blue/ white polka dot tie was a gift I received from Goodwill! My gray jeans are from Dillards. These mid-top chico-mahogany oxford shoes are pretty much my most favorite shoes in my land of shoes and they are also from Goodwill.




This look was inspired by none other than beautiful Mother Nature herself! The vibrancy of the leaves intertwined with complements of a light cocoa corduroy blazer from the local thrift store, a navy blue/Kelly green polka dot oxford shirt from Old Navy, some Levi’s, and my grandfather time piece came together quite nice on this frigid Kansas afternoon! I am not typically a big shopper; however, I am a huge fan of Ebay, Old Navy, and thrift stores. 90% of my closet is a pure example of these and I absolutely love it!




I went on an exploration through my closet today and I found some pretty sweet thrift shop goodies nestled underneath a ton of old books and clothes. Here we have some old school navy/mint green suspenders, pastel yellow bow tie, navy bass gum bottom oxfords, brown chino shorts, and a children’s lavender linen button shirt! There wasn’t an occasion –  I just felt like getting a little spiffy!



Had a little fun with some photos in my backyard. I’m not much of a sweater person but blue is one of my favorite colors and I enjoyed the gray elbow pads on the sweater; So, I thought it was a pretty groovy purchase from the big GAP. Complementing the groovy shades of blue sweater we have some red-orange boyfriend chinos that I acquired for the super low price of $7 at Old Navy! BOOYAAA! Talk about a great deal!




My inspiration for this collab sparked from the slight chill than danced in the midst of summer breeze. So I said to myself…”Self, don’t you go chasing waterfalls and end up sick!” I ended up throwing on my favorite pair of Levi’s and my thrifted loafers and bata boom bata bing and outfit arose! Shoes: thrifted. Pants: Levi’s. Shirt: American Eagle.



Today my mates and I took a trip to the gulf coast and bummed it out the entire day. There’s nothing better than having nice read and a game of football in the sand…I’m still getting the sand off of me till this day. Shorts: Billabong. Shirt: thrifted.

You can find/follow Cam at:

Instagram: @Radtasticly_cam

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