Ask dapperQ: Where Can I Find Androgynous Blazers?

A reader asked where to find androgynous blazers. My partner is also in the market for a good androgynous blazer because she doesn’t fit neatly into the masculine/feminine binary and is not comfortable in anything too extreme on either side of the spectrum. So, here are some I dug up using key words “boyfriend blazer” on Shopstyle. Mind you, I cannot stand the term “boyfriend” as a description for masculine attire, but unfortunately that is what the fashion industry is using right now to describe androgynous clothing. Androgynous Blazer 2

Dorthy Perkins Navy & Black Rose Jacket, $27

Androgynous Blazer 3

Mossimo Women’s Boyfriend Blazer, $35

Androgynous Blazer 8Black Longline Boyfriend Blazer, £27.99

Androgynous Blazer 6Brown Roll Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer, £29.99

Androgynous Blazer 7

Stratospheric Blazer, $58

Androgynous Blazer 5Helen Berman Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer, $145 (originally $292)

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