Early Summer Layered Outfits Under $80

It’s hot. No, it’s cold. Wait, wait, it’s perfect. Oh nooooo, it’s cold. Sorta hot? Raining now. The weather has been unpredictable as of late, so best advice we can give is leave the house prepared in layers. But, this is easier said than done when your wardrobe consists of winter wool jackets, summer tanks, and zero “in-between” clothes. Don’t stress. We’ve got ya covered with early summer layered outfits, each under $80.
Summer Layers

From left to right:
Outfit #1: Forever 21 Fresh Heathered Blazer ($40); Forever 21 Abstract Ink Button-Down ($20); H&M Chino Shorts ($20). Grand total = $80
Outfit #2: Forever 21 Striped Bomber Jacket ($25); Forever 21 Abstract Cotton Shirt ($20); Forever 21 Drawstring Jogger ($23). Grand total = $68
Outfit #3: Forever 21 Hooded Bomber Jacket (28); Forever 21 Speckled Cotton-Blend Henley ($16); Uniqlo Men’s Cropped Pants ($20). Grand total = $64

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