#FleekWeek: Lightweight Outfits for a Hot Pride

If you’re celebrating Pride in hot, humid places like New York, you know one of the biggest dilemmas of keeping your style tight during what I like to call #FleekWeek is finding outfits that are fashion-forward, weather appropriate, and breathable. If you can march for three hours in 90+ degree temperatures, and then dance the night away on a sweaty, packed dance floor while wearing slacks, a blazer, and a bow-tie, all the power to you. But, if you’re like the rest of us, the default is to throw style out the window for the day in order to ensure maximum comfort: flip flops, cargos, and your rainbow ribbed tank top will just have to do.

For those of you who are tired of trading style for comfort, we put together a few options that will keep you both fashionable and cool.

Urban streetwear for the fashion-forward. 




If you love sweat pants and t-shirts, you’re in luck, because the new urban streetwear, street goth, and athleticism trends offer stylish options for drop crotch pants/sweats in a variety of patterns, as well as tops embellished with pleather pockets and funky graphic prints.

Vintage inspired vacation attire for the classic dapper.



Classic dappers know how to pull off vacation attire with swag. Take inspiration from vintage vacation styles; Even GQ is saying that the Hawaiian shirt has made a full comeback with a more tailored twist.

Polos are your BFF.

prideImage via Passion for Fashion

Polos don’t have to read PGA. Brands like ASOS offer polo shirts in a range of modern patterns and colors. Check out our favorite hip polos here. Pair your polo with a hat in a power-clashing pattern and BAM…you look effortlessly stylish!

Slip it on!


GQ also recommends beating the heat with summer slip-ons, which not only provide you with more support than flip flops for long distance marching, but also are a bit more appropriate than flip flops for the club.

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