Style Dossier: Cynthia Jones

Welcome back to Style Dossier, Gabrielle Royal’s column that profiles stylish queers across the country. This edition, Gabrielle is featuring Cynthia Jones, a Baltimore, MD native who is a Special Police Officer and aspiring model.

Gabrielle: Who is your biggest fashion icon and why?

Cynthia: I really don’t have a big fashion icon. I’m a Kanye West fan and I love the style. It’s pretty simple, but it’s vintage and worn. I also admire my personal style, though, I’m no icon. I have my own style that’s comfortable to me, and simple too.

Gabrielle: How much of your personal style is influenced by your identity?

Cynthia: I would say fifty percent of my personal style is influenced by my identity and the other fifty percent is my personality.

Gabrielle: Why is queer visibility important and how does fashion help create space for members of our community?

Cynthia: Queer visibility is important simply because it’s about human life, regardless of preference. Fashion is an opportunity for those to express themselves, leaving space for more members in our community to represent themselves in the community.

cyn-photo-1Photo by As I Am Photography

Gabrielle: What challenges do you face in your profession, if any, as an LGBTQ person?

Cynthia: There are a couple of challenges that I do face in both of my professions. One part of this is the lack of acknowledgment of who I am and being underestimated at times. That is when I started to work hard to prove them wrong.

Gabrielle: Tell us about your biggest fashion and/or shopping fail.

Cynthia: Back in high school I thought I was a designer, turns out I wasn’t that good. I started cutting my shirts in ripples and wearing army colors. Crazy part about it is, that experience made me who I am.

Gabrielle: What advice would you give our readership? What advice can you offer to people who fit outside of society’s understanding of traditionally masculine and feminine styles?

Cynthia: I don’t really have advice, but something other people might want to consider is to remain humble and do what you love. Being open minded and being considerate are definitely a major factors in life, period.

cyn-photo-5Photo by Spade

Gabrielle: Tell us something unique about yourself.

Cynthia: My mole is the icing on my cake and it makes me very unique. Other than that, my personality is what makes me unique, along with my mindset. Me loving the skin that I’m in is super unique, not everyone loves themselves.

Gabrielle: How did you hear about dapperQ? Why were you interested in a feature?

Cynthia: A friend of mine actually told me about dapperQ, so I decided to do some research and follow on them on Instagram. I also checked out the website, which is dope by the way. Looking at the site and the other features on Instagram, I thought to myself, why not go for it and put myself out there. I’d like to tell the world a little about myself and show them who I am.

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