Nasty as We Wanna Be: Voting Hype Playlist

A few weeks ago, Autostraddle published a dope nasty woman playlist after Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a Nasty Woman in the last debate. I’ve been rocking out to it ever since. Since there were also a few songs I felt deserved to be on their list but didn’t make it on, I decided to create a dapperQ version for anyone who’s going to be flexing their nastiness at the polls tomorrow. Plus, my nerves are shot and I can’t keep checking 538. This is more productive. You can take a listen to the playlist here on Spotify…or click image below to link to Spotify.




1. Nasty Girl [Explicit] (Vanity 6)

2. Nasty

3. Black Magic Woman

4. Witchy Woman

5. She’s A Bitch [Explicit]

6. Dirrty

7. Maneater (Remastered)

8. Bad Girls

9. Nasty – PARRI$

10. Pimp Too

11. Bonus Track: Run the World (Girls)

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