Hi Femme! Dapper Femmes Lexy and Rosie

Welcome back to Hi Femme!, dapperQ’s sibling visibility project celebrating the incredible contributions that stylish femmes make to queer fashion. This edition, we’re featuring Lexy and Rosie. Lexy is an avid reader, coffee drinker and photographer. You will very rarely see Lexy without her camera. She loves writing and performing poetry, can play 5 different stringed instruments and has a bit of an obsession with Astronomy. Lexy identifies as a queer woman. Rosie is a a freelance artist living and working from her studio in the historic city of Lincoln, UK. When she’s not creating all sorts of wondrous oddities, she can be found adventuring with her dapper photographer girlfriend or spending time with her pet hedgehog, Darwin.

Lexy and Rosie

dapperQ: Can you talk a bit about how you define queer femme style and what makes it transgressive?

Rosie: For me, queer femme style is what makes you feel empowered about unapologetically attracting the people you want to attract. Challenging people’s assumptions about what it is to conform. It’s about experimenting beyond what’s considered conventional to feel your best self. In my opinion, confidence is the height of attraction when it comes to owning your style, whether you’re making a massive statement or not, just be unashamedly you!

Lexy: Queer femme style is a movement. We dress for ourselves. We have the opportunity to rally against social norms and change people’s perceptions about what style is – it’s powerful. We are not beholden to feminine or masculine concepts, these are both interchangeable and can be combined. For me, it’s about wearing my sexuality and being loud about it.

dapperQ: How would you describe your personal style?

Rosie: I’d describe my personal style as a preppy dapper-femme. Ties, brogues, tweed with either a waistcoat or v-neck jumper and bold lipstick. I like to accessorize with tie-clips, cuff-links, pocket watches, lapel pins, and rings. You’ll probably find a reference to dinosaurs or Star Wars as those are some of my favourite interests.

Rosie Ablewhite photographed by Lexy Foxley-Johnson

Lexy: My style is an eclectic mix of dapper, vintage, steampunk and femme. I started dressing dapper a few years ago. I learnt very quickly that I would have to be quite innovative in how I shopped – sustainably and secondhand. Finding affordable dapper clothes is a challenge I’ve always relished and I love throwing a vintage twist on any outfit. I love ties and lipstick… it’s an excellent combination. I’ve found that since dressing this way it’s had a positive impact on the impression I make in a working environment, I often get complimented on how smart I look at work.

Lexy Foxley-Johnson photographed by Rosie Ablewhite

dapperQ: Who are your fashion icon(s)?

Rosie: Evan Rachel Wood, definitely. Troian Bellisario, Alexa Chung… anyone who dabbles with Wildfang or who has a similar frame to me whose style I dig!

Rosie Ablewhite photographed by Lexy Foxley-Johnson

Lexy: Gillian Anderson. I mean, have you seen her in a suit? I also think Rosie and I inspire each other a lot… we have these Sunday dapper dates which I love.

Lexy Foxley-Johnson photographed by Rosie Ablewhite

dapperQ What item in your style arsenal can you not live without?

Rosie: Sensible dapper shoes! I’m a nightmare in heels. I also will rarely be found without something from my extensive pin badge collection, or lipstick.

Rosie Ablewhite photographed by Lexy Foxley-Johnson

Lexy: Waistcoats. I have a ridiculous amount and I think they can make an outfit. I feel my most confident in them.

Lexy Foxley-Johnson photographed by Rosie Ablewhite

You can find more of their awesome dapper styles on Instagram at @rosierockets and @lexyfj

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