L.A. Equality Fashion Week Photo Recap

Equality Fashion Week® (EFW) is the first and only LGBTQ+ focused Fashion Week in Los Angeles dedicated to showcasing the talents and stories of the LGBTQIA+ community. Founded by NiK Kacy, EFW is a celebration of diversity, visibility, and economic empowerment, aiming to create a world where fashion is inclusive of all genders, bodies, and identities.

In an awe-inspiring testament to the strength and unity of the LGBTQ+ community, EFW 2024 concluded its most successful event to date. Spanning four unforgettable days from May 15-19, EFW 2024 transcended the boundaries of fashion, becoming a profound celebration of diversity, empowerment, and community.

Here is a photo recap highlights from the main runway event. All images by Kelly Balch.


Sharpe Suiting


Origami Customs


Dapper Boi


PR by Paulo Silva


Living Legends


THÚY Custom Clothier






Bad Burro


Casa Couture

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