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# avatarkoo nothing is hotter than a dapperQ, @calamusroot. A smooth neck w/out adams apple, full-head of coiffed hair, swaggering in suit…YUM!

ha @lemonyhead! I’m so loving – the “transgressor-in-chief” is a friend + embodies essence of a “DapperQ” butch lesbian

alexmcneill Dear @dapperq, @miriamzperez just put me on to your fantastic project, and now i am in love. thx for starting this!

4th_Wall Follow @dapperQ ( – a new website/business focused on queering men’s fashion. Very snazzy stuff, if I do say so myself.

# avatarkoo If things don’t work out w/#McSpanky – I’m finding me a boi dressed as DapperQ. I don’t need real dick. I need pretty face in 3-piece suit I’m total femme but inspired by DapperQ aesthetic. Srsly considering pants, suspenders, button-down shirt, bow tie. Oh, & walking w/swagger

avatarkoo From now on, I’m calling handsome, stylish butch and trans folk a “DapperQ.” btw – DapperQ’s r smokin’ hawt. I need 2 find more of ’em.

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