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We are so glad you are here!  We’ve been up at dapperq.com less than a day, but comments, compliments and offers of assistance are beginning to pour in.

Once you’ve had a chance to see what we are about, please leave a comment below this post (yes, that’s the “Guest Book”) as to why you dropped in. For the record, all are welcome. Some will be dapperQ’s, some will be the ones who love us, some will be allies, some will be trendwatchers, some will be smart fashion designers, some will be straight feminists who want to wear a tux well, some will be bio boys uninspired by traditional looks, and some will be FREAKED OUT!

We would also be tickled pink if you would join our Facebook Fan page and follow us on Twitter. Don’t forget to invite your hippest friends! We’re also inviting you to begin telling us resources to include on our Google map of dapperQ-friendly tailors, hairdressers, vintage stores, and such in communities throughout the country.

Lest you wonder – Fashion is simply the means to a new end…

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  • Hi Susan, I looked at the website and whooo-wheee, you do look dapper! And Shannon looks lovely. And the two of you with the baby look like a family.

    As you know, I’m a girly dresser. My wife says that my clothes are all candy-colored.

    She, on the other hand, loves men’s clothes, because at 6 feet, she thinks she is hard to fit. But men’s clothes don’t fit her hour-glass shape. One thing I love about you is that you realize that fit and tailoring are very important.

    So, we have been developing a wardrobe for her that mixes up men’s and women’s styles and have found a wonderful tailor to make sure the men’s pieces she wears fit correctly. She still shops in the men’s depratment for shoes. I’m happy to report that we have wonderful relationships in the men’s shoe department in several department stores here in Alabama. Also had a great experience in New Orleans at a couple of old-school men’s stores while looking for saddle oxfords to go with her seersucker suits.

    The site is really cool. I’ll pass it along to my Q friends here (although most of the dykes in Bama dress like golf pros).

  • Great work, Susan! Your male Kentucky friends will be watching this site with interest. Yes, even hicks can acquire fine fashion taste.

    We’re proud of you — Tim and Kiernan

  • I am already impressed with dapperQ and it is day one. Susan, you amaze me and inspire me. You had a vision and you manifested it. That takes courage, bravery, creativity, determination, focus, hard work, imagination and the willingness to take a risk. dapperQ is ingenious. The amazing Alli Miller, the hair philosophy king Joseph, the challenges of the dress shirt and something about bowties.

  • My heart is beating quickly reading over this website. I can’t read fast enough. I’m a costume designer and stylish dyke who wants to start a dyke-line, essentially… Men’s suits and fly clothing which fit women’s bodies with elegance and toughness. I’ve been searching the web trying to see who else is out there and this is the first place I’ve seen that is really discussing what I want to do! thank you so much.

  • Cool beans. Meeting with three women tomorrow who have the same dream. My dream is that dapperq will create the marketplace where a significant number of dapperq’s can find your offerings. If you want to write about what you are learning, pls send us your interest with the contact form and welcome!!!

  • Love this sight!!! You know I am a total DapperQ and have been since the Fifties when I came out. It’s a joy being a boi. MM

  • Congratulations! It’s exciting…you already have me hooked. I’ll be sharing dapperQ with all my bois.

  • So like the day after you sent out your dapperq launch, I had my first class of the semester. Wouldn’t you know it. The lady professor is rockin (a face full of piercings and) a man’s suit. I thought about walking up to her after class and saying “listen, I know this might be weird, but I think you should know about this new website…” But then I thought about how proud you two would be if I used my filter and DIDN’T attempt that awkward conversation on day 1. So, we’ll see what she wears day 2 and go from there. Worst case scenario, there are always course evals, right?

  • Amazing work on this sight Susan! I linked over via afterellen.com and have been eating up the content for the last hour!
    I like to think of myself as a chic lesbian who shops ‘both sides of the aisle’. While I can appreciate showing some leg in a dress when the occasion calls for it, (usually when my mother’s in town), I’m just as happy in a dapperQ shirt ‘n vest combo with a pair of lace ups. In fact, I often find that I much prefer to wear masculine styling when I’m in the boardroom and need to ensure that I feel strong, powerful and on-par with the boys. Those around me know that if i’m wearing a tie, I must mean business.
    I would find it interesting to read a piece on how dapperQ dressing is truly empowering…
    Keep up the great work!

  • This site gives me one of the best feelings: taking me out of that dark space of facing my issues alone and unrecognized.

  • I was linked to this site from Autostraddle and it seems I have found my haven! I’m a budding butch, wanna-be drag king/butch burlesque dancer (one day it will happen!!) and I’m just trying to figure out my sense of fashion. Now that I’ve found people who dress how I want to dress and are willing to share how and where they obtain their clothes and shoes, I’m so excited!

  • Hi,
    I LOVE your website. I stumbled across the Facebook page by accident and joined. I identify as a DapperQ although I’ve never heard the term, and I’ve often thought there ought to be a site where I could find out fashion tips and how to adapt men’s clothing to my female body as I’m a masculine-of-center dyke and I don’t wear as much menswear as I’d like because some of it hangs on me in a sloppy way–and I consider myself a metrosexual butch–I want to look nice. Keep up the good work, and I’m telling all my friends about the site!

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