Wingtips as Litmus?

Wondering if you’re a true dapperQ? Check your pulse right now.  If it’s elevated after a peek at these buttery beauties carried exclusively by Brooks Brothers, chances are strong that you are one of us.  God help you, not only because the shoes on this site average $500, but also because your chances of finding a pair sized smaller than women’s 10 are slim to none.

I did a little research after feeling the lust surge when my most recent issue of Details arrived yesterday, featuring photos of similar shoes (also known as brogues) in an article titled, “goingbrogue.”  The two pages of photos, which their site doesn’t yet link to, include examples by Brunello Cicinelli, Florsheim by Duckie Brown, Calvin Klein White Label, D & G, John Lobb, Black Fleece by Brooks Brothers, Giorgio Armani and Dunhill.

I went by the DSG in Union Square and couldn’t find any under size 8 either.  I’ve got several questions for ya:

1. Do wingtips make every dapperQ swoon?  I’m not talking about every pair.  And I’m not suggesting that they fit with every person who is queering men’s fashion.  If they aren’t a true litmus test for dapperQ’s, I want to know.

2.  Who of us are sporting them and where did you find them?  Going to check with my friend Erin who seems to know a thing about finding hip shoes on eBay. If you’ve got photos, can you please mount them to the dapperQ Facebook page or our Google Map so we can see?

3. Are there shoe makers for boys and young men who might have what we want in the sizes we need?

In the meantime, my research disclosed a few more reasons why we need dapperQ:

1. This issue of Details also has an article entitled “The Lure of Dating an Ex-Lesbian” which they refer to as a “hasbian.”  I promised I’d stick to fashion, so any of you can go there if you want, but it’s off limits for me.  Anyway, I’m pretty sure that the hasbians these straight guys are looking for aren’t “hasbedapperq’s.”

2.  There is a world of difference between dapperQ’s wearing wingtips and men wearing them.  Here’s a video that tells (ostensibly straight) women what wingtips say about a man.  I await, with glee, your version of what they say about a dapperQ.  Until then…

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  • you can find women’s wingtips occassionally at the barney’s coop sale if you’re looking for a deal (i have at least three pairs).

    also sigerson morrison (prince st.) has men’s style shoes for women or at least they used to – 1970 style men’s loafers, my second love…

    also ina on prince street always has a great selection of women’s shoes – if sort through the manolo’s, you can often find wingtips. also good eye candy while you shop!

  • Black and white wingtips make me weak. Would you pls add both those sites and related comments to mapperQ so we can get the resources flowing?

  • Wingtips generally make me swoon. I have two pairs of them and they are undoubtedly sharp. Since they are trendy right now, sometimes I feel a bit like trend bucket when I wear ’em, but I can’t resist how killer they look every time I put them on.

    Luckily, I have big feet, so I can usually find a 7.5 or 8 when I look for shoes in the men’s section. Most women’s ‘wingtips’ make me want to vom; most of them look like genteel, 19th century Victorian women’s shoe nightmares; not quite the look I want to go for, although an updated Victorian men’s look can work, but I digress …

    I bought some classic Bostonian black wingtips at Urban Outfitter’s for a swell $32 last winter. I’ve since gotten the heels replaced. I definitely scored with this pair. They were in the sale bin and were the last ones I could see.

    My other wingtips came from Poland. I paid a god awful sum for them, but they have been my favorite shoes ever since the summer of 2007.

    With all of this said, I definitely think finding men’s shoes which fit women properly take a good amount of hunting, although I personally find it easier than looking for sharp button-ups that actually fit.

  • If ever in Florence there is a beautiful place (actually one man) that makes them custom. The style, the leather type and color and the stitching. Divine. I had no idea the variations. North side of the Arno by an old simple church. It takes him 3 months and he needs two fittings I believe. I was unable to buy because 1.I couldn’t figure out which style I liked the best. 2. $$$$$ 3. I was not going to be in Italy for 3months, sadly.

  • Salutations dapperQ’z – shooze, love them. Sitting at a local hang out in Phoenix and in walks a dapperQ with some amazing tennis shooze. Yeah, I inquired. You can design your own shoe, and add your own moniker. The colors are amazing and there are so many styles to choose from. Here’s my tip dapperQ’z:

  • One more for the road…has anyone thought of hitting up some European websites for shoes, er – clothes period? I just bought a slick slip on shoe purchased in Germany. They already get it over there man. Shurn spatz! Have fun! More to follow…

  • Online, most Fluevog “men’s” style are available in men’s size 6 (women’s 7.5).
    Also true of most Bass men’s USA-made (but not imported) dress shoe styles.
    Stacey Adams makes men’s sizes down to 7 (and smaller in some styles) but check out their boy’s section, too.
    In NYC, if you have the $$$, in Soho will make any size, any formal style you desire, down to women’s size 4. I’ve been ordering English riding boots from them since the 70’s.
    On the west coast, Nordstrom Rack clearance is THE place for men’s shoes in women’s sizes. What I can’t figure out is where those same shoes are in the retail stores.

    If you swooned over Jenny Shimura’s motorcycle boots at Opie’s photo show, they’re Wescos – They also make heavy oxfords and saddle shoes by custom order. Wesco’s female CEO is the grand-daughter of the founder, and she told me gay bikers are their favorite customers! Again, most styles available down to size 2. Vegan boots by request, but no matter what you choose, be prepared to write a check.

  • Yeah, they are a litmus test! I agree with everyone here, one many issues. Including not wanting to be part of the whole trendy right now thing, and finding vomitoidal women’s versions….yuck! (:

    I came across a brand, not sure where they’re based – but they make delicious boys shoes. Perfect for those of us with tiny toes! But not sure on the exact size conversion.

  • I had a momentary love affair with wingtips, but they’re just not for me.

    Someone mentioned European shoes…I have two pairs by Shoe Bee Doo (they make boys shoes), and they’re pretty good. Minus the velcro strap on one pair on monk straps, you can’t tell that they’re kids’ shoes, which is a big deal for me. They’re also good quality, with non-rubber soles, which is another big deal for me. You can sometimes find their stuff at Zappos’s, but the selection now isn’t all that great. You can also find them at, which also generally has nice(r) suits in boys sizes.

  • I searched for wingtips for several years before finding THE ULTIMATE WINGTIPS for small feet: Marc Fischer caplet oxfords. They’re no longer being manufactured, but if you dig online a little, you can find a pair for under $75, in either black or brown. Also, try trawling etsy for vintage Italian shoes and oxfords, wingtips in general.

  • I recently wore out my third pair of Skechers wingtips. They don’t make them anymore that I know of – I got three pair on sale because I have such a hard time finding shoes I like. They were clunky, with rounded toes and thick lug soles which I liked, since they gave me a little added height.

  • Someone above mentioned the Wanted Shoes brand wingtips. They are amazing. Seriously. There aren’t many sizes in tan on the manufacturer’s website, but they’re all over the internet. Get them!

    Note that they actually run about a size larger than marked.

    Susan: I think it might be time for a link roundup. I love the mapperQ idea — but with so much happening online we have to comb the comments for these awesome finds.

  • I have wing-tips for girl-mode and boy-mode; one pair in shiny brown patent with horrifically high heels, another in pre-distressed dark-grey soft leather. The latter get a hell of a lot more wear. Got them from NEXT boyswear department.

  • Cole Haan makes some good shoes for women that are quality and butch. Super comfy and the outlet has some good deals.

    Thanks for the links to some of the other sites, learning lots!

  • I have two pairs of women’s frye’s. Comfortable and semi affordable at $200.

    Also Aldo recently started offering their men’s shoes in smaller sizes, down to a men’s 7 or so.

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