My Picks at Big TopMan Sale

TopMan is heaven for the smaller sized dapperQ.   Based in Britain, it appears to be looking for linebackers who find what they need at Abercrombie & Fitch.  This HUGE sale just started, but I am assuming the small sizes will sell out soon.  I’ve included a few non-sale items both because you know you need/deserve a new coat, and because the vintage paisley bowtie I picked up this weekend at Fabulous Frannie’s in the East Village was born to be paired with a denim shirt that only looks old.

Let me know what you got and how you like it?

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  • I absolutely LOVE the scarf! Thx 4 the tip of not washing it 🙂 I also like the denim top for my fiancee, she’d look great in it.

  • Topman has some really great styles but their items are offensively overpriced. Almost everything is made in China, with little attention to craftsmanship, and with cheap materials. It really is a shame.

  • The military jacket appears to be sold out now, which is good, because I just dumped a bunch of money in car repair and really shouldn’t be buying more clothing.

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