The Fount of Optical Abundance

IMG_4049The biggest thing that separates dapperQ’s from the herd is glasses.  There, I said it.  We know that what we put on our face is muy importante because it is what folks look at when we are saying the really incisive things we say.

Recognizing this fact, I once spent more than $700 on a pair.  The titanium was very light and very cool, until I  ran it through the washer and dryer.  My dog, Animae, has destroyed two pair. She’s probably bitter because her eyes point in opposite directions.

But I digress.  The right glasses are obviously critical for dapperQ’s – when you are transgressing ya gotta rock it.  My point?  You have been holding out on your old Transgressor-in-Chief.  Nary one of you has mentioned to me the fount of optical abundance to be found in the East Village and ON THE WEB!  It is Fabulous Franny’s.

Murray Hill shops there so often, Stanford who owns the joint has a primo polyester tie waiting for him. (Thanks for nothing, Mr. Showbiz!)  As soon as I bought a pair from the “Butch line,” folks came out of the woodwork to rave, “Oh, you’ve never heard of Fabulous Fanny’s?  Me and all the folks (I love better than YOU) go there for our cool eye wear!  We just assumed you knew!”

I’ve been wanting geeky guy glasses forever but they are always too big for my dainty (long-ass) face. And since I trash glasses so rapidly, I’m no longer interested in spending a fortune. These were a terrific price at $135. Just had lunch with Bevin, who produces Queer Fat Femme, and she told me I can get cheap lenses at Manhattan Grand Optical (or many of the stores in Chinatown) too.

Best part, Fabulous Fanny’s has a great website that features not only the Butch line (pictured right), but a wide array of vintage glasses.  Shannon got a great pair of Cat Eye’s replete with rhinestones. The saleswoman had Shannon from “60’s, French” and me from $125. While the store does carry men’s clothes,  it’s the ties and accessories that shine for dapperQ’s.

More than half our readers hail from the West Coast, so if you’ve got something comparable in Cali, or anywhere in this dang country, I hope you will be a little more forthcoming by posting it to mapperQ or letting me know.

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  • One of my favorite shops is Occhiali Eyewear in Montecito, California (right outside Santa Barbara). They always have a nice Oliver Peoples selection if I don’t feel like heading to the actual boutique in WeHo. Of course there’s the famous LA Eyeworks. Eye Tailor on Melrose. Or you can just order from Shuron themselves… the manufacturer half of these people rip off for the ‘vintage’ look and it’ll be for half the price AND made in the USA 🙂

  • I completely agree, glasses can make or break a dapperQ. And that realization made me become a glasses geek. I currently have some cheap-ass men’s Levi’s that look spectacularly like Clark Kent’s (except I look better in them).

  • LA Eyeworks is amazing! Queer owned, community-supporting, radical ladies! Big love for them.

  • Check out Warby Parker ( They’re an online company selling vintage-inspired glasses for $95 a pair WITH prescription lenses included. I think they have showrooms now in NYC and in San Francisco where you can go try on the frames, but they’ll also mail you frames anywhere in the U.S. to try on for free.

  • Proof that is cool? I was meeting with Lauryn Seigel at MTV and both her and her hip gay colleague were wearing them!

  • I am fortunate enough to live in NYC so I can get to Fabulous Fanny’s; however, for those who are not in a big city, you may try Eyeglass Boy @

    Sometimes you have to shell out the big bucks, which I did at a place called Disrespectacles in the West Village in NYC. The guy who runs the place is truly gifted. He buys NOS (New Old Stock), and can work his tools to make them fit. Anyway, if you want to treat yourself, go to him. If you want extra pairs of glasses for less $$, go to Fab. Fanny’s or try eyeglass boy.

  • Be very careful if you purchase from eyeglassboy. Check their F rating on BBB. They agreed to send me 8 pair and they’d refund the ones returned. They never refunded and won’t respond to BBB complaint. I’m out $800 with no glasses. Please beware of this company.

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