MaveriQ Series Launch with Alli Miller

There are basically two Alli Miller camps among dapperQs: those who want to be like Allison Miller and those who just want her.  Of course, it isn’t just her looks or the fact that she is one of the most successful female drummers playing in the world today. (She has toured widely with Ani DiFranco and Natalie Merchant, and now she is with the new “it” girl Brandi Carlile.) It isn’t just her dapperQ style that forced me to spend more than I could admit to my wife on a pair of Diesel jeans recommended by her in our upcoming exclusive video. She’s also got that Texas warmth and charm. Since it’s impossible to take a bad photo of this hottie, click through to to enjoy some photos from the shoot by Robert Pavone.

[flickrslideshow acct_name=”dapperq” id=”72157623197619144″]

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  • Alli is a great influence in the progressive womyn’s fashion culture. She’s capable of reaching many women, thus serves as a perfect candidate to launch the DapperQ concept. Good find!

  • Thank you SO much for this website, the videos and ALL of it. I would LOVE to rock the whole mens shirt look, BUT…..boobs. I like my clothes to fit somewhat close to my body and a typical mens shirt stands away from my body (cause the boobage holds it out like a tent) and makes me look like a block on legs.

  • Thx for the love. Have been thinking so much about boobs! I use a Frog Bra from Title 9 to rein in the big D. Also hearing, increasingly, that we need to feel comfortable grabbing pieces from both women’s and men’s departments (as well as little boys.) More help on the way, I promise.

  • WOW. I would have had NO idea you were sporting sized D boobage in any of your videos! So, this Frog Bra….comfortable? Can you breathe? I googled and did a bit of reading on it, after your mention, and the one thing it says is “major smasher”. I am a big fan of breathing.

    I understand you have not ‘taken me to raise’ as we say here in the southland, but your experiential comments on this product would be most appreciated!

  • Dang, girl. Gonna make me write my own Frog bra, big boobs post. Been in draft form but has got to move up in line now for you (esp. cause you’re from the Southland in the Springtime (Indigo Girls best song ever!)

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