DapperQ TV — Shanghai Tang and Ratty Jeans

Here’s the first (coming to you from gritty winterized Brooklyn) of what will be hundreds and even thousands of street fashion shoots interviews shot with Flip Cams by volunteers documenting dapperQ’s curation of style throughout the world!  This one’s shot and edited by Dana Variano.

With this video, I am NOT setting myself up as a purveyor of fashion, I’m describing the why’s and wherefore’s of my approach.  And offering links if you want any of this.

Over time, this site and these videos will attract a.) “experts” who can guide us to new levels of sartorial splendor, b.) designers who are already serving our market and c.) major labels who will work with us when they get a clue about suiting up our brilliantly plumed personages!

P.S. Want to be a dapperQ correspondent?  Contact us STAT telling us when and where and how often!

Links to what I’m sporting:

Reiss CoatOxfam Thrift Store — This one was in the Knotting Hill neighborhood of London.  I went to plenty Oxfam stores there but this was by far the best one.

Shanghai Tang DimSum Watch from one of my favorite dapperQ’s, Andrea Batista Schlesinger — don’t try and get one — they are all gone.

Diesel Jeans — duh!

Silk Scarf — don’t know where I got it but do know that when I thought of the Western option, I was wanting to imitate crazy, talented dapperQ photographer Alesia Exum who is a big fashion influencer here in Brooklyn.  Check her work for sure!

Geoffrey Beene Sateen Slim Fit Shirt from Macys.com (Big up to two women in Chicago have voluntarily offered to help me in the men’s department over the past year!) I’ve got em in lilac, black and white at $32.99!

Cole Haan Nike Air — I misspoke.  They aren’t Kenneth Cole.  But I still think the soles may be rock me gently but the upper’s haven’t gotten comfie!

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