Confess Your Guiltiest Buy!

Cleanse your soul, dapperQs.  Confess your guiltiest fashion buys!  I’ll show you how…

I couldn’t tell my wife, Shannon, how much these jeans cost me.  And it caused a terrible spat last week on date night, strolling between sushi in Ft. Greene and Tom Ford’s amazing new film ‘A Single Man’ at the BAM Rose Cinema.

Here’s how it went.  First red flag:  SHE DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE THEM UNTIL WE WERE DONE WITH DINNER and walking to the theatre.  She said, “Are those new jeans?”  Not the set-up I needed.  Not the “‘no matter what they cost, it’s worth it’ cuz you are one hot butch” set-up I needed.

I said, very nonchalantly, “Yes.”  I believe I then said –= my memory is a little sketchy here because I was already way scared –= “Don’t they look GREAT?” “Yes,” she said, “how much were they?”  I countered, “Well, they were 30% off.”  (She still wanted to know.)  “They are DIESEL’s.” (She still wanted to know.)  “When the cute salesboy saw them he said, ‘Those are SICK! ‘” (She still wanted to know.)  I’m starting a friggin’ fashion revolution! (She still wanted to know.)  I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, tell her because I was deeply ashamed.

For God’s sake, the economy is in the toilet.  We cut cable last year, and now we have to couch-surf for the essentials like “Big Love” and “Mad Men.”  My new media biz is coming back strong, but there was a serious lull in activity after the crash when I had to close my cool SoHo office and let the brilliant, passionate artists who worked for me go.   Not to mention the fact that I am financing this dapperQ frivolity with fumes from my credit card!

Long story, short,  I refused to tell her.  Big fight because of the “obviously broader implications!”  Not so, I say.  Faking it ’til I make it!  Butch pride for America and all that!

I thought Lucky Brand at $150 was higher than I’d ever go for jeans, but au contraire! I loved these Diesel’s enough to feature them in dapperQ’s first street fashion video and the rest of the outfit totaled about a buck fifty (by that I mean $1.50.)  So there — sue me!

They were $300 minus 30%, with taxes, $220.  With this post, now she knows.  I hope you are happy.

Absolve me by absolving yourself with a confession about your guiltiest fashion buy here!  If you are feeling especially bad — or want fellow addicts to assure you that you made the right choice –add an accompanying photo to the dapperQ Facebook page!  If we get 50+ confessions, I’ll be white as snow.

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  • LMAO. Hey – I witnessed the marriage vows you two! Couple, several finners – big whoop – DIESEL dyke hot!

  • Oh boy Susan…you’d be in trouble with me too!! 🙂 I get $35 from American Eagle (they seem to be the only ones to have my size) and I still feel guilty!

  • And what you failed to mention is that your wife has not ONCE asked how much they were since said spat. Or that she now makes you come to bed in said hot jeans.

  • wow… great story… I would of had to deal with grief from the mrs. as well because those are really HOT jeans lol… I once blew the majority of my summer job check on a pair of antik denim jeans, i tried to convince myself that they were worth it because of the really cool hard leather pockets, these jeans were $260 originally but i got them for $236, My mother nearly lost her mind and my girlfriend almost killed me. I didn’t learn my lesson because i spent nearly the same price the following week on another pair of antik jeans with two tone pockets . It sucks my fascination with pockets it still costing me money till this day because i can’t wash neither pair of jeans in the wash i have to take em to the cleaners so the color won’t run and the leather won’t mess up…. lol sucks but i guess it cost to be a FASHION BOSS LOL

  • Something about a jacket can pull together an outfit.

    -my favorite guiltiest buys:
    1) Leather motorcycle jacket from bloomingdales (downtown, please, uptown is no-fly-zone for me). Was thrilled to see it on the beautiful and hot, Mariska Hargitay, on a Law & Order episode.

    2) Barbour, waxed cotton, motorcycle jacket which looks fabulous with jeans and a scarf.

    -prices best kept to the folks at AMEX. i don’t *buy* and tell.

  • I don’t really have anything to add to this list because I’m a femme and a tightwad, but this post made me laugh.

  • Im a tightwad as well. My favorite pair of jeans were 60$. But I would pay 200+ for a good pair of men’s jeans. They are hard to come by with my shape. Looking forward to seeing stores on mapperq that are as dapper as I want to become.

  • I bought a pr of real authentic working cowboys boots made from a buttery soft leather in some cowboy store. I don’t live on or near a ranch. They were, at the time, 25% of my monthly pay. I told no one how much I spent. They are fabulous and remind me of the Wild West (even on the floor of my closet)…I love clothes that remind me of explorers or adventurers from the past..
    Jeans:$100..on sale from $159..totally worth it.

  • $300 vintage fur coat. peta hates me. i didn’t even want it. i just saw it and thought, oh-my-god, something that would FIT me. so i tried it on. rest was history.

  • This doesn’t count as a ‘guilty’ purchase because my girl bought it for me, but it is the most expensive thing I own.
    $400-and-some-change classic buttery leather motorcycle jacket –highly recommend this company
    got it to keep me safe on my Vespa, so far so good!

  • My guiltiest buys are represented in quantity rather than cost. ”Don’t you already have a pair of those??” is the question continually asked by my gal pal.

    My most recent multiple buy was in the form of shoes. Yeah. I bought three pairs of wing tips in less than two months’ time. “You have a pair already!” “Yeah, but not in this color.” or ”Yeah, but I need more than one. It took me years to find ‘the shoe’.”

    “How many pairs of jeans do you have, Jill?” I’m sorry, can you re-phrase the question, please. (then I change the subject).

  • Heh….I’m just gonna say that I got another pair of cowboy boots (pair #14)…Ariats…Black Patent with White and Turquoise stitching…

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