#GENDERFLUX Crowdfunding Campaign to Produce Genderless Fashion Collection

Fashion Blogger Elliott Alexzander and his collective creative team consisting of Barry Brandon, Michael Robinson, Ashley Borders and Ray Rosa, are gearing up to launch a 15 piece collection of ready-to-wear genderless clothing by GenderFlux.

#GENDERFLUX is currently crowdfunding via IndieGoGo to finish the development of this revolutionary non-binary collection, with the goal of raising $350,000 by May 15, 2016 to produce the first batch of the new fashion line.

In November of 2014, Elliott Alexzander began the first phase of the #GENDERFLUX campaign by launching a single t-shirt design featuring the gender variant/transgender symbol. In only ten days, relying solely on word of mouth and social media, over 300 t-shirts were ordered around the world.

#GENDERFLUX has since teamed up with marketing guru Barry Brandon and launched the second phase of the project. During this phase, the brand added non-binary terminologies to the shirts — including, but not limited to, Gender Fluid, Transgender and Agender. Within a month, eight exclusive new designs were available. Over the course of the second phase of the project, over 1,500 units of shirts, tanks and hoodies were sold.

#GENDERFLUX is now expanding, moving into the next phase of their brand. Their will be using the money earned through the crowdfunding campaign to offer a wider variety of fashion that still remains true to the brand’s message. The design team at #GENDERFLUX, headed up by Michael Robinson, has created this collection to reflect one of their hashtags: #FASHIONFORALL.

#GENDERFLUX is both queer owned and operated and is looking to change the fashion industry by removing gender stereotypes. By acknowledging that gender is a social construct, they have made a commitment to celebrate individuality. #GENDERFLUX has enjoyed early traction in the non-binary community and has been featured in countless blogs such as dapperQ, Vocative and Qwear, who have each referred to the brand as a pioneer in body positivity and as a leader among gender diverse clothing lines.

“#GENDERFLUX seeks to bring awareness to the gender nonconforming communities through education and fashion,” said Elliott Alexzander, creator of #GENDERFLUX. “We are about expressing to the world that being non-binary is not just about identifying as gender fluid or gender variant, but it’s about acknowledging that gender is a social construct that our society is suffering from. We have designed a collection that we hope will transcend the traditional standards of the average department store.”

Head over to indiegogo.com/projects/genderflux to view the whole campaign.

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